Extinction Of All Children

by L. J. Epps

Emma Whisperer was born in 2080, in the futuristic world of Craigluy. President Esther, has divided their world into three territories, separated by classes—the rich, the working class, and the poor—because she believes the poor should not mingle with the others. And, the poor are no longer allowed to have children, since they do not have the means to take care of them.
Any babies born, accidentally or willfully, are killed. Emma is the last eighteen-year-old in her territory; every baby born after her has died. Somehow, she survived this fate.
During the president’s Monday night speech, she announces a party will be held to honor the last child in the territory, Emma Whisperer.
Emma feels she must rebel against the rules. Her family doesn’t agree with her rebellion, since they are hiding a secret. In the end, she makes one gut-wrenching decision that may be disastrous for them all.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Fire Prophecy

by Megan Linski & Alicia Rades

I’m Sophia Henley, your typical college freshman. I never expected a lion to be stalking me, nor for fire to come shooting out of my hands to protect my sister. Next thing I know, a drop-dead gorgeous guy shows up on my doorstep to sweep me away to a magical school, where I’ll learn to control my element and bond with a powerful creature called a Familiar.

I don’t believe I’m the savior of an ancient tribe, or the missing piece of a prophecy that’s more myth than reality. Worst of all, I’m forced to enter the Elemental Cup, where I’ll either earn my place in this society… or die trying.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Lovelock Ones

by Tricia Copeland

Jema and Troy manage semi-normal lives at the Port Orford Naval Base despite global warming and mandatory genetic typing. With the threat of a second worldwide flu epidemic, their parents send them to a remote desert community. Jema’s sister contracts the virus, and Jema and Troy must decide whether to compromise the group to save one. Can Lovelock develop a cure in time to avoid mass casualty? As the political stage shifts, who can be trusted?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Casimir Bridge

by Darren D Beyer

A manned, interstellar survey ship has gone missing.
A nuclear terror plot is thwarted just outside Washington, D.C. And it’s an election year. Mandisa “Mandi” Nkosi is a young reporter who is contacted by an anonymous source with evidence that material seized from a nuclear terror plot will point squarely at one of humanity’s most important companies as the supplier–and this “evidence” is a setup, and part of a plot to gain control of the company’s technological secrets. The deeper Mandi digs, the more of a target she becomes. What follows is a heart-pounding, ride through the hallowed halls of big government, far-flung star systems, and the revelation of a conspiracy that runs so deep, Mandi’s life, and the future of humanity, are put at stake.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Pathogen Protocol

by Darren D. Beyer

A conspiracy, led by CEO-turned-politician, Gregory Andrews, has succeeded in taking over the Applied Interstellar Corporation (AIC), and its stockpile of the element that enables interstellar travel. But Andrews didn’t get everything. AIC’s leader, Jans Mikel, escaped to a hidden base where he harbors the company’s greatest secrets, the most profound of which is that humans are not alone in the galaxy.

As Andrews seeks to finish AIC, Mandi Nkosi sets off to help Jans forge new alliances. Their journey takes them beyond the realms of known space and uncovers revelations about humanity that shake the foundations of science. Meanwhile, AIC soldier Grae Raymus, commanding a resistance aimed at buying time, discovers that Andrews is little more than a pawn. With humanity’s future hanging in the balance, Mandi and Grae fight to save the people they love, and with them, all of mankind.

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Welcome to the Age of Magic

by CM Raymond and Multiple Authors

7 Series, 35 Books, 1 Awesome World.

After the world ended, a new one began.

Welcome to the Age of Magic.

Centuries after the collapse of the Old World, Irth has devolved into a realm of monsters and magic, ruled by petty tyrants and thieves who seek to create the world in their own image.

But despite the many changes that have befallen Irth, one thing remains the same.

Heroes walk among us.

Welcome to the Age of Magic is a starter pack, including the first book of each series within this adventure world. Find the characters you love and follow their journey as they attempt to save Irth from the forces set against it.

Each series reflects the flavor of its author, but they all share the same style of action and humor that fans have come to love about the Age of Magic.

Welcome to the Age of Magic includes six full-length novels.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Epiphany – THE GOLDING

by Sonya Deanna Terry

“Sophisticated and thought-provoking…an urban fairy tale for grow-ups.” – Avid Ashley

History, mystery, contemporary romance and magic. A whimsical tale about money and its unknown otherworldly origins.

***GOLD MEDAL Winner
Global Ebook Awards

Readers’ Favorite International Award Contest

***GOLD AWARD Winner
Literary Titan Book Awards

***RED RIBBON Winner
The Wishing Shelf Awards

***B.R.A.G. MEDALLION Honoree
Book Readers’ Appreciation Group

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Finance executive Matthew (polished, successful, admired) has been questioning his slave-to-the-dollar existence and his marriage to a tantrum-throwing shopaholic. And now he’s questioning his sanity after finding he’s been followed by an elf.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary


by Sonya Deanna Terry

***GOLD MEDAL Winner
Global Ebook Awards

Readers’ Favorite International Award Contest

***B.R.A.G. MEDALLION Honoree
Book Readers’ Appreciation Group

The story-within-a-story melds into a fascinating exploration of past and present lives intertwined, and a sequence of stunning revelations unfolds.

The Global Financial Crisis is looming…

Beneath the red soil of a southern land lies a glimmer of hope—a legacy of Norwegian forest-dwellers—destined to bring about a worldwide epiphany…but only if two people are heartfelt enough to fulfil Lillibridge’s mystifying prophecy.

“Once again, Ms. Terry does an amazing job of working the plots of the ancient faery world and present day as the characters come to realize they are connected through the Dream Sphere…Brilliantly entertaining…Captivating, wondrous and uplifting!” – Reader’s Favorite

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