The Dragon Misfits Books 1-3

by D.K. Holmberg

When a mysterious stranger brings word of a dragon, Jason’s whole world changes.

The northern mountain village offers protection from the threat of dragons, but is a difficult place, especially for a misfit like Jason Dreshen. His days are spent hunting for food for his family, praying for warmth, and trying to hide his strange silver eye that grants him dragon sight.

When a stranger visits during the local Freedom Festival searching for a different kind of dragon, everything changes. Jason may be key to finding these dragons – and to stopping a deadly war that his people have feared for generations.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Eclipsing the Aurora

by Peter Foote

When Nigel gets chucked off a dam, he thinks his time is up.

Vivian – an alien from an ancient race that uses Earth’s deep oceans as a retirement home – rescues him and convinces him to join the Consensus.

Now all he has to do is give up his life on Earth.

But he can’t abandon his birth planet when he learns that the Menace plans to attack. To stop the apocalypse, he must find his high school crush, rescue the daughter he never knew he had, and make the case to the Consensus that humanity is worth saving.

It would be a lot easier if he didn’t have amnesia.

If you like found family, unlikely heroes, and unique alien technology, you’ll love Eclipsing the Aurora, the latest sci-fi adventure from author Peter J. Foote.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Cosmic Whirlpool

by Peter J. Foote

Nigel thought saving his family and Earth would be enough, but he was wrong. It was just the opening salvo in an intergalactic war.

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A Conjuring of Ravens

by Azalea Ellis

In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan is a genius.
But even geniuses need schooling.

Siobhan has just been banned from the country’s only magical university. As the unwitting accomplice to the theft of a priceless magical artifact, she has suddenly become a wanted criminal. There are fates worse than death, and if caught, she will face them. Unwilling to give up on her dream of becoming the world’s most powerful sorcerer, she resolves to do whatever it takes to change her fate.

Even if it means magically disguising herself as a boy and indebting herself to a gang of criminals to pay for University tuition.

With the coppers after her, the pressure of trying to keep her spot in the devilishly competitive magic classes, and the gang calling in favors to repay her debts, Siobhan will need every drop of magic she can channel.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space

by H. Peter Alesso

As the last starfighter, only Henry Gallant can stop the alien invasion.

In an era of genetic engineering, Henry Gallant is the only Natural left in the United Planets’ fleet.

For Fans of Honor Harrington and Horatio Hornblower.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Slaves of the Sword and Wand

by Joel Newlon

A bloody bid for freedom in a world of swords and magic.

From the age of seven, Dunstan has been enslaved in the army of Thursley. After thirty years in the fire of constant warfare, he has been forged into an unbreakable warrior.

Oswynn is the property of the Sisters of the Withered Branch, the order of witches who serve the earls of Thursley. Brighter and more gifted than her fellows, she yearns for so much more.

Hand-in-hand together, they will risk it all and ask the question: can one man and one woman really stand against the traditions of hatred and break the chains of bondage, or are they doomed to forever be… Slaves of the Sword and Wand?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by R.M. Olson

On the fringes of the Joias System, a portal opens to the unknown, portending humanity’s salvation—or possibly, its utter destruction.
Chief Justice Alba Espina is preparing a political gamble that could change the shape of the entire Joias system. The appearance of the portal shatters her carefully-laid plans and hands her political rival a weapon he could use destroy her—unless she can delay him with the promise of a diplomatic mission through the portal. But the stakes of the mission are higher than just her personal ambition. If her diplomatic mission doesn’t succeed, it might just spell the end of humanity itself.
No one knows what’s beyond the portal. And as Alba and a list of potential allies and enemies are drawn inexorably together in uncharted space, it’s an open question if anyone will live long enough to find out.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera