The Last

by Michael John Grist

7 billion zombies. 1 man.

When the zombie apocalypse hits America, not a soul is left alive.
Except Amo. He’s a comic book artist. He’s a video game world builder. He’s just a regular guy living in New York city, with only his wits, creativity and basic decency to guide him.
He’s alone against 7 billion zombies.
Will he survive?

A wrenching, twisted zombie apocalypse thriller- ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by way of The Walking Dead, oozing adventure, action and a startlingly fresh twist.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Lee Hayton

Seven customers shot dead in a coffee shop. Thirty shoppers cut down by an assault rifle at the mall. One hundred and eight pupils killed by high-school students on a rampage.
It’s just reached 10:00 a.m. on a beautiful spring day.
When a neurological virus triggers an epidemic of gun violence, a modern US city fractures into chaos. Annie’s husband shoots at commuters while his son is buckled in a carseat. Frankie and Becca desperately try to evade a deranged shooter at their school; Robert runs headlong into a lopsided gun battle; and Blain…? None of them know Blain’s true story.
Thrown together—their families dead or missing—these survivors struggle to escape the newly-dangerous city. Hoping to find a place of safety. Somewhere they can bide their time until the violence subsides, the authorities seize control, and good once again triumphs over evil.
They’re in for a long wait.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Silo 49: Going Dark

by Ann Christy

Go back underground and into the silos! A new series set in Hugh Howey’s world of WOOL. Long after the end, the world is remains blighted and uninhabitable. The final remnants of humanity live safely in silos, tucked deep beneath the Earth. But not all silos are equal.

Silo 49 has never had it easy and things have just gotten a whole lot worse. Graham, the head of IT, has done many unsavory things in his life, but everyone has a line they won’t cross. He just found his. With only his best friend and a dying electrician to stand by him, he is left with one clear and final choice. Does he do what is right or what the rules say he should? It is a race against time for the trio against the impersonal might of Silo One. Their solution? Going Dark.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Silo 49: Deep Dark

by Ann Christy

A lot can change in a century and Silo 49 has transformed into a silo filled with life and hope. Graham set Silo 49 free from the machinations of Silo One in Silo 49: Going Dark. Since then, they have been alone and one their own, with no one to guide them…or suppress them. Their silo has changed for the better, but a kinder and gentler lie is still a lie, and the truth waits to be found.

Marina is a Fabricator, a worker of metal, and has been tasked with reclaiming the silver of the silo from private hands to replenish the vault stocks. Among the curiosities turned in, she finds something that should not exist and that begins a search for the most elusive thing in the silo…the truth. Long buried truths aren’t the only things unearthed during her single-minded pursuit. Crime, memory-wipes, and even death will stalk the eternal stairwell of the silo.

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The Goblin Trilogy

by Jaq D Hawkins

A saga spanning three generations in a feudal world governed by magicians.

Dance of the Goblins
The goblins lived unseen by man for many generations and were forgotten, consigned to legend, but a fluke sighting when a man wanders into the entrance of a forgotten underground transportation system revives an ancient war between the species.

Demoniac Dance
A young girl running away from an unwanted marriage finds a new life among the mysterious magicians in the land across the river. What she didn’t bargain for is their friendship with goblins.

Power of the Dance
Khemael is a creature of beauty and grace with a mostly human appearance. His love of stretching his leather-like wings and flying freely in the world of men brings far too much attention to the existence of the goblins.

Worlds of magic await to be discovered in the complete series, The Goblin Trilogy!

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends



Two Heads, Two Spikes

by Jason Paul Rice

Knights. Queens. Treachery.
If you love George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb, you’ll enjoy a book that combines their tradition of gritty epic fantasy. Embark on a reading adventure filled with darkness, forbidden romance, family struggles, suspense, drama, action and strong female characters amid overtones of classic fantasy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Infernal Magic

by C.N. Crawford

Ursula can’t remember a single thing from before three years ago, so she has to keep her life simple. All she wants is to earn enough money for rent–and maybe a bit left over for a new pair of boots.

But on her eighteenth birthday, all hell breaks loose… quite literally… when a hellhound shifter shows up in her kitchen. Kester’s lethally gorgeous, and he’s come with a terrifying message: Ursula owes her soul to a demon.

No one seems to care that she doesn’t remember striking that deal.

Thrust into the middle of a war between the gods of fire and night, Ursula fights her way across New York–and through the fae realm–to survive. Along the way, she must reclaim her magical knowledge and her long-forgotten skills with the blade if she wants to escape eternal damnation.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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