Genesis Earth

by Joe Vasicek

Michael Anderson never thought he would set foot on an Earthlike world. Born on the farthest edge of the solar system, he studies planets from afar. But when his parents open a wormhole and discover signs of intelligent life on the other side, Michael is the only planetologist young enough to voyage to the alien star.

He is not alone, but Terra, his sole mission partner, is no more of an adult than he is. Soon after their arrival, she begins keeping secrets from him. But she doesn’t realize that her darkest secret is one that he already knows.

Twenty light-years away from humanity, what they discover on the alien world forces them to question their deepest beliefs about the universe—and about what it means to be human.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


Forgotten Gods Omnibus (Books 1-8)

by ST Branton

The gods are real…and they want their world back.
Thousands of years ago, ancient deities fought a civil war that nearly destroyed the earth. They were defeated by a great warrior—and banished to spend eternity beyond the reach of the humans who once served them.
Their war is raging once again.
And once again, it will require a great hero to save humanity.
Unfortunately for humanity, I’m that hero.
My name is Vic Stratton. I’m no saint, but I’m the best chance we’ve got at surviving the chaos about to be unleashed. But hey, at least I have my good looks, a quick tongue, and the sword of the gods on my side.
And I’m going to need it. Because when the gods return, all hell will break loose.
Read now and discover The Forgotten Gods

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Dragon Mist

by David Burnett

As the third daughter of a third daughter, dragon-shifter Christine Drachen must mate with a human. Her boyfriend gradually discovers who she is. She shows him the gold dragon she always wears around her neck. He notices the prints, statues, and tapestries of dragons that decorate her family’s home. Strange noises emanate from behind the Drachens’ house during a party, and James believes he actually sees a dragon, one wearing a necklace like Christine’s. Christine’s last name, Drachen, means “dragon,” and, while she jokes her entire family is composed of the creatures, James begins to suspect there is more to what she says than a simple attempt at humor. Finally, he sees her shift, something no human is allowed to do. She must “silence” him, but how can she kill the boy she loves?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Tornado Warning: The Damaged Climate Series Book 1

by J.R. Tate

Large, massive tornadoes break out across Texas. The tornadoes are devastating enough that Ryan is separated from his wife and the people he knows.

As tornadoes continue to ravish the countryside, they wipe out complete towns of people, limiting access to food, water, and shelter. With time running out, Ryan must reunite with his wife and get out of harm’s way before they also become a casualty of the extreme weather.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Jerry Shepard

A disgraced leader.

A mysterious beacon.

A terrifying threat to the galaxy.

Captain Noah Jameson can’t forgive them. Even though the Earth and the Xen are now supposedly allies, they’re still the alien aggressors who triggered his demotion and murdered his wife. So when he’s tasked with investigating an unexplained anomaly in uncharted space, he’s furious to be assigned a first officer drawn from the species he loathes.

Commanding a beat-up dreadnought, he follows the signal to an ancient extraterrestrial city built in the bones of an old warship. But when the expedition accidentally triggers an invasion, the grizzled captain may be forced to trust his hated XO to prevent human annihilation…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military


A Dream of Fire

by J.R. Rasmussen

Being laughed at comes with the territory when you’re the only magicless teacher at a magic school. So when a dragon no one else has seen delivers a chilling warning for Griffin’s ears alone, it’s no surprise that his colleagues don’t take him seriously. Unfortunately, convincing them that the magistery stands at the brink of destruction is only the beginning of his troubles.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


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