Forever Road

by Catie Rhodes

Peri Jean Mace is a southern-fried psychic medium who’d rather get into a fistfight than commune with the dead. But when a gruesome murder shakes up her life, Peri Jean must use her gift to find the killer. Her choices place her on a collision course with a destiny she’s spent her whole life denying. Can she survive? Download Forever Road today and find out.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Complete Diviner’s Trilogy

by Nicolette Andrews

The court is divided, and Maea is caught in the center. Although few know about her gift, her power to see the future makes her a valuable asset. When her vision saves a foreign princess, it exposes her power to the court.

Now everyone wants her for their own, and two men vie for her attention. Mysterious courtier Johai might know about her missing memories, and how she lost them, while charming prince Adair is a notorious rogue whom may have hidden motives of his own. They will both do anything to get her on their side.

Drawn into a web of courtly intrigue, Maea discovers ties to her forgotten past and uncovers dangerous secrets that threaten the kingdom, and her life. With no one to trust, she’s caught in a game of head versus heart and must pick a side. But if she chooses the wrong one, she’ll lose her head.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Chaos Awakens

by Megg Jensen

From USA Today bestselling author, Megg Jensen…

For hundreds of years, the orcs and humans of Doros have shared an uneasy peace. It shatters in an instant with the botched assassination of a human priest in the orc capital. Hell bent on revenge, the humans take up arms as the orc monarchy crumbles from outside interference.

Now Tace, the unlucky assassin, is on the run. It’s soon clear, however, that her mistake hasn’t only precipitated a war. It’s unleashed ancient powers, the stuff of legends and fireside tales—and not the cozy kind.

Tace has always worked solo, but to save Doros, she’ll need to assemble the unlikeliest allies. Together, they’ll unravel the mysteries of the orcs’ cult of death, and in the process, Tace will come to question everything she’s ever believed. Only one thing is certain: a great destiny awaits her—if she can live long enough to meet it.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Women of the Grey Box Set

by Carol James Marshall

Lisa wants the truth of who or what she really is: alien, human, or both. The Women of the Grey trilogy follows Lisa on her first missions to the human world. Finally, free from The Grey and the grasp of The Grey’s treacherous leader Superior Mother Lisa discovers that finding out the truth can make her the monster she never wanted to be. Read The Women of the Grey trilogy for a creepy good time.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Haunted Ground

by Irina Shapiro

When Lexi buys a derelict mansion in an English village, she plans to turn it into a manor house hotel, but events take a turn for the bizarre when a heartbroken ghost makes a nightly appearance and the villagers keep commenting on Lexi’s resemblance to a woman who’s been dead for a quarter of a century. Lexi soon stumbles upon secrets from her own past – secrets that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Defiled

by Sean Deville

The Book of Revelation warned humanity of Seven Plagues that would destroy the human race. It foretold the coming apocalypse that would one day descend upon the Earth.

That time of prophecy has now arrived.

This is NOT a work of religious fiction and contains scenes of explicit violence.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


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