by Pete Barber

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Terrorists attack a London Underground train, slaughtering two-hundred innocents in seconds with a nanoweapon small enough to hide in a hint of perfume.
First responder, Detective Chief Inspector Quinnborne, defies orders and hunts for the weapon’s unhinged genius creator. The authorities label Quinn a traitor, but when the nanotechnology spirals out of control, his grit and bloody-minded determination become humankind’s last thin hope of surviving a weapon of mass destruction against which there is no defense.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


Captain Hawkins (The Jamie Hawkins Saga Book 1)

by H. Peter Alesso

Jamie Hawkins was living on an obscure planet in the twenty third-century when on one fateful night–his life changed forever. His heroic effort to save the lives of innocent women and children, caught in the cross-fire of war, placed him squarely in the cross-hairs of avenging soldiers.

Hawkins was stunned when his rescue effort was seen as treachery. Unfairly convicted of treason by a corrupt judge, he was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor on an infamous penal colony.

Once in prison, his courage and perseverance won him the admiration and trust of his fellow convicts. While he was plotting his escape, an enemy attacked the planet–giving this daring warrior his chance. Together with his fellow prisoners, he launched a bold assault and high-jacked an enemy warship.

From then on, Captain Jamie Hawkins and his ship the Indefatigable fought against a corrupt government-

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Eden’s Serum

by Angelique S. Anderson

Adam has everything he could want. He is a savvy businessman entrusted with his own personal branch of the company he’s worked for the past five years. He is successful, intelligent and about to check off the last box on his list.
Just so happens the company he works for provides him the finances to do just that. After six months of testing, he is finally ready. Unbeknownst to Adam, the Serum he is about to take, ends up making him very sick. He finds out too late that Eden’s Serum has taken a life before and he’s about to be its next victim if he can escape the fall of humanity around him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering



Released (The Shapeshifters’ Library #1)

by Amber Polo

When Librarian Liberty Cutter’s library goes up in flames, the town relocates the library to an abandoned academy. Liberty feels eyes watching her from the derelict structure’s gothic windows, but never imagines the truth is stranger than fiction – until she meets a talking dog.

The dog tells her a pack of book-burning werewolves cursed the building. Plus, beneath the library an ancient race of dog-shifters work to protect the world’s knowledge. Funded by internet giant Zoogle, these dog-shifting scholars enjoy their Starbarks coffeehouse as they research their way to freedom. Until the public library’s zany librarians move in…and things begin to shift.

Chronus, the Old English Sheepdog headmaster, must persuade Liberty to believe in him and his world because Liberty holds the key to the dog-shifters’ freedom – and his heart.

All four books in the series are on sale!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Retrieved (The Shapeshifters’ Library #2)

by Amber Polo

When ruggedly handsome English Mastiff Cynerik discovers an ancient Ohio mound that may hold answers to their dog-shifter history, he teams up with Chocolate Labrador Retriever Library Director Godiva Anglesey to prevent power-hungry werewolves from slicing off their mound to build a golf course.

While sexy cowboy wolf Blaze tries to blow up the mound and tempt Diva from her dead end crush, werewolf alpha Sybilla challenges Diva to a Survival Test, Quadrathlon, and cook-off. Busy running her library, she has her hands full with a terrorist book-worm infestation and Sybilla’s attempts to censor anthropomorphic books. And just when things couldn’t get any worse, Diva learns family tradition dictates she marry by Summer Solstice… to a Druid.

Diva and Cyn must work together to defeat the wolves to save their libraries. And protect the most important archeological site in dog-shifter history.

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Recovered (The Shapeshifters’ Library #3)

by Amber Polo

Bliss D. Light believes she’s an ordinary children’s librarian…until she grows a tail.

Now her life is filled with more magic than any fairy tale she reads the children at the Shipsfeather Library. Bliss’s newly discovered dog-shifting ability allows her to change into a sleek white Greyhound but leaves her yearning to dig up her heritage and track down the dog-shifters’ lost library.

Her best friend Harry, disgraced werewolf/dog-shifter mix, smitten with Bliss and eager to redeem himself, insists he accompany her. Tailed by the devilish werewolf duo of Harry’s supercilious ex-wife Sybilla and bad boy Blaze, their cross-country quest takes them into extreme danger.

Aided by dog rescue advocates and a bookstore cat, Chased by federally-funded dogcatchers, sold to a racetrack, and forced to fight wolf-dogs is no walk in the park.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Reprinted (The Shapeshifters’ Library #4)

by Amber Polo

For centuries shapeshifting dogs have protected libraries from their book-burning werewolf enemies. But when Chihuahua-shifter Pacifico Lopez, technology billionaire, uncovers ebook piracy that threatens the world of books, dog-shifters face their biggest challenge ever.
Pacifico accuses Landy Romero, werewolf editor and secret book lover, of sabotaging books. Beset by mutual puppy love at first sight, the unlikely couple fly undercover to an exclusive werewolf resort in the Caribbean where they discover The Cloud, an e-book thieving sailing vessel, a diabolical book distribution plant, enslaved dog-shifters, and astonishing dog-shifter/ werewolf history secrets.

Crack commando Blaze and Landy’s sister Sybilla again try to curb the dogs’ plans until a tropical hurricane blows in to uncover the truth.

Pacifico and Landy battle lies and dig into the truth that will change everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



A Thread in the Tangle

by Sabrina Flynn

In a shattered realm where gods breathe and battle, sixteen-year-old Isiilde must find her feet among people who both despise and crave her kind. She trembles on a precipice, caught between the lust of men, the greed of kings, and an eternal struggle for dominance. As three powerful kingdoms vie to own her, the fire in her blood awakens, sparking a cataclysm of events that spiral into disaster. A barbarian, a madman, and a timid nymph are all who stand between light and oblivion.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


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