Darak: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Cara Bristol

Revenge is best served sweet with a hot, horned alien

Pastry chef Lexi Sutterman has discovered that the only thing more difficult than finding an Earth man willing to commit is pleasing her wealthy, hypercritical family who view her as a failure. Now that her successful little sister has nabbed a well-heeled fiancé, Lexi joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency. She plans to bring a huge, purple, tentacled alien as her plus-one to the wedding.

Darak of planet Dakon isn’t purple or tentacled—he’s just seven feet of horned alien hotness. He joins the dating service to meet a nice Earth girl to call his own. He recognizes Lexi as his true mate, but realizes convincing her they’re meant to be together forever and not just a weekend will be no cake walk.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Plague of Witches

by John Patrick Kennedy

Kana thought she had everything, until everything changed…

With her wealthy father dominating her life and no memory of her mother, Kana has grown up bright, beautiful and bent on success. At twenty-one she is about to start her M.B.A. and preparing to join her father’s business.

Then Professor White appears bearing a twenty-year-old message from her mother: Kana is a witch. Kana doesn’t believe witches are real—who does?—but what Professor White shows her that night makes it impossible not to believe.

Now, Kana is heading to elite Shipton University to study witchcraft and solve the two-decade-old mystery of what happened to her mother. But when she gets there, she will have to face far more than just the past.

Because on the night Kana learned of her powers, something escaped its prison. The entity is hungry, angry, and it wants revenge…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Casting Out the Darkness

by Laurel Quinn

After entering a stone tunnel nestled deep inside an ancient tree, nineteen year old Meira and her dog, Phineas, have become trapped in a magical world. When Meira’s own newly-discovered power flourishes into a uniquely impermeable shield, she wrestles with the magnetic attraction she has toward the mysterious Adam against her desire to return home to safety.

As the only one able to destroy the darkest evil in recorded history, Meira realizes that she may not survive the fight, but is she willing to watch her loved ones risk themselves to save her? Will she choose to return home or embrace her gift and defend a world she doesn’t belong in?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Aliens Robots and The Apocalypse (A Five Book Bundle)

by Jasper T. Scott

Five sci-fi novels and four complete stories from million-copy bestseller Jasper T. Scott.

Rogue Star 1&2: something is coming toward Earth at over 500 miles per second.

Under Darkness: A shadow falls over the island of Kauai, but it’s not a solar eclipse.

Into the Unknown: Their cruise ship jumped to the wrong star system, and something is hunting the passengers.

In Time for Revenge: Byron invented a machine to travel to the future, and then he was accused of murder, but he can’t remember killing anyone.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Great Babe Bambina

by Patrick Borosky

Danny Lewis and the Infinity Pack had it all.

Cool super names? Check.
Tragic backstories? In the works.
A handsome leader the ladies swooned over? Without a doubt.

The only thing that he and his ten-year-old friends were actually missing were actual superpowers, yet there was one other thing that weighed deeply on his soul. He knew literally nothing about his longtime friend of one month, Skyla Rhodes aka the Great Bambina, but after today that would change.

He vowed to uncover the secrets that she had been hiding from him, however, as he goes into the depths of the night he learns that sometimes the truth is much more amazing then he could ever imagine.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero

Forgotten Magic

by Jayne Hawke

No one can know what happened on my sixteenth birthday, what really happened to my old coven.

I’ve built myself a pretty nice life. I have a business as an independent acquisitions expert and fixer (that’s thief and bounty hunter in less polite company). When a client hires me to find a couple of stolen magical artifacts, it seems like a straightforward job.

Then it turns out that she didn’t just hire me, she hired my biggest rival, too. Elijah, alpha of the Sentinels pack. He’s as sexy as he is infuriating. Working together seems like the most logical option. The problem is soon dead bodies start piling up alongside the stolen artifacts.

The new thief in town isn’t my only problem. Someone has been digging into the disappearance of my old coven. If they find out the truth about who and what I am, my carefully constructed life will be over. At best, I’ll be hunted to the ends of the Earth. At worst, the fae will have me begging for death.

Together Elijah and I must unravel the mystery of the new thief and murderer before my past is brought out into the light and everything comes tumbling down around us.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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