Interstellar Mage

by Glynn Stewart

Mars destroyed his ship — but gave him a new one.
Mars drafted his Mage — for the good of humanity!
He should have known that wouldn’t be the end of it…

Captain David Rice has a new ship, a new crew, and a new set of Jump Mages to carry him between the stars. All he wants is to haul cargo, make money and keep his head down.

His past, however, is not so willing to let him go. An old enemy is reaching out from beyond the grave to destroy any chance of peace or life for Captain Rice—and old friends are only making things more complicated!

All he wants is to be a businessman, but as the death toll mounts he must decide what is more important: his quiet life or the peace humanity has enjoyed for centuries…

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Blue Curse (Blue Wolf Book 1)

by Brad Magnarella

When an elite soldier is transformed into a mythic beast, he’ll do whatever it takes to break the curse and return home to his fiancée. Even if it means battling a brutal dragon shifter…

Blue Wolf is a feature series in the quarter-million selling Croftverse. If you like brawn, brains, and big weapons to go with an even bigger heart, you’ll love the Blue Wolf!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blue Shadow (Blue Wolf Book 2)

by Brad Magnarella

Hoping to cure his curse and return to his fiancée, Jason agrees to command a corporate monster-hunting unit. Something is snatching children from a small town in southern Mexico. All signs point to vampires — and a darker, more malevolent force. Suddenly, Jason’s ability to lead and his Blue Wolf’s instincts to protect are being tested as never before. Can he rally his misfit crew before the evil claims them? Or will his new team’s first mission be its last?

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The Warrior Boxed Set One: Books 1-3

by Martha Carr

It’s been so long, Warrior… I can feel you…

Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source?

A new Warrior is about to find out the true roots of the Moorfield name. Nothing will ever be the same.

Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source?

Her family says she’s not a true Moorfield and will never be good enough for the family business.

Sometimes what looks like the worst day ever, is the beginning of our best adventure.

Idina takes that first step into a new life and gets the hell away from them to forge her own future.

But her calling is the one thing they are the most against. She joins the military just like Uncle Rick. The other family outcast.

What is everyone in the Moorfield family so afraid of?

Join Idina in her first three adventures!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Defiant Space

by Richard Rimington

A planet desperate to survive. A starship with monstrous enemies. Can a mission into the unknown prevent catastrophe?

The crew of Fidelity are the only hope to save their planet from destruction – one starship against the galaxy.

When an armada of predatory vessels come to annex their world, the inhabitants of planet Vale Reach must confront the fearsome dangers that plague their galaxy. Unknown terrors stalk through the uncharted depths of space, ready to crush their homeworld and enslave their people. A lone starship is sent on an impossible journey. But is it already too late?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Amy’s Rebellion

by Julia Goldhirsh

I was twelve the first time I killed a man.
After the war, I was driven to the human world by a vengeful leader. My only chance at survival? Run.
With the help of a genderfluid shifter, I learned to hide in plain sight and harness the powers within, but my luck soon ran out.
This time, she captured my sister and sent an assassin after me. Running is no longer an option.
If I want to live, I have to fight.
But how do you defeat the same power that turned your clan to ash?
You build an army and start a rebellion.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Molecule Thief

by L.P. Styles

Would you trap yourself in a deadly universe to save your loved ones?

All Spencer Newton wants is to fit in. He’s always been the nerdy kid, cursed with not only being a genius, but his ADHD diagnosis further makes him a magnet for harassment. And it seems impossible to avoid torment when the worst perpetrator isn’t human, but a manipulative interdimensional being called The Molecule Thief.

As conflict between dimensions rise, the only solution the U.S. military sees is nuclear. That is, until this mysterious Molecule Thief offers Spencer an alternative to annihilation. But Spencer isn’t sure if the Molecule Thief is real or all in his head. Can Spencer trust himself to save the world, or will his faith in the Molecule Thief cost him everyone he loves?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure