Dragon Trials

by Ava Richardson

Sebastian Smith has long been ashamed of his drunken father and poor upbringing. But his luck finally changes when he’s chosen to train as a Dragon Rider at the prestigious Dragon Academy. Seb finds the connection with his dragon more powerful than he imagined. Soon, he’s doing all he can to succeed and not embarrass his new dragon partner, Thea.

High-born Agathea Flamma intends to bring honor to her family by following in her brothers’ footsteps and taking her rightful place as a Dragon Rider. She’s not thrilled with her awkward, scruffy partner, Seb, but their dragon has chosen, and now the unlikely duo must learn to work as a team.

When Seb hears rumors that an old danger is reemerging, he and Thea begin to investigate. Armed only with their determination and the dragon they both ride, Thea and Seb may be the only defense against the Darkening that threatens to sweep the land.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Dream Stalker

by Amy Hopkins

People are dying. Why doesn’t anyone care?

All Emma wanted was to sell her enchanted teas in peace; instead, she’s caught up in the chase for a killer who’s stalking the streets of London. He’s targeting half-bloods, people with limited magical ability. People just like Emma.

The police are baffled by the long string of deaths, but they’re not willing to put in the legwork to make an arrest. After all, magic users can take care of themselves, right? Except, those with real power don’t give a damn about half-bloods. So, when Emma wakes from a strange dream that nearly gets her killed in the waking world, she knows she has to deal with it herself.

With only her boggart shop-assistant and the two strange men who have offered to help, can she thwart the killer and make the city safe again?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Edinburgh Seer

by Alisha Klapheke

A Seer, a spy, and the rebellion that will flip their lives upside down.

In an alternate, modern Scotland, Aini MacGregor must hide her sixth sense ability or risk the firing squad. But when an ancient prophecy pulls her into a rebellion, she must throw it all on the line to save herself and her father.

Leap into a dark, fantastical Scotland today.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Border Worlds

by J. Malcolm Patrick

A war to end all wars
A young, fearless captain
A prototype starship
A desperate mission

When tensions reach a breaking point between two powerful human interstellar enclaves, a young captain must re-unite with his crew and seek the help of a sworn enemy before a war destroys everything humanity has built on the frontier.

If you enjoy a small dose of military sci-fi, space opera, great characters, and ripping space battles, mixed with a dab of good-natured humor, then you won’t be disappointed by this novel.

Fans of Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica will enjoy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Forever Winter Box Set (Books 1 – 4)

by KM Fortune


Everyone you love is dead.

Everything you knew is gone.

You were not supposed to wake up.

The Forever Winter series stars Raven Winter, a woman frozen in time from a freak accident, who is awakened over one hundred years in the future. The world has fallen through plague and nuclear war and she must learn to survive in a harsh winter dystopian landscape filled with peril. Using her own steadfast determination to persevere, and with the help of characters along the way, this ultimate women’s adventure emphasizes the message that if you believe in yourself good can prevail.

If you like a story with intrigue and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KM Fortune’s page-turning books. Explore the world of Forever Winter. Buy it today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Hollownton Homicide

by Gretchen S.B.

There more to the world than he has ever known…

When homicide detective Anthony Hollownton is called to the scene of his latest murder case he quickly becomes aware that something isn’t quite right.

It isn’t the gruesomeness of the scene.

It isn’t the symbols written on the wall.

It isn’t the image carved into the victim’s back.

It is something else, something he can’t quite put his finger on, something he doesn’t understand.

Then his partner disappears, leaving Tony alone as the world begins to unravel. As the body count rises Tony must scramble to adapt to this new supernatural world. A supernatural world that wants nothing to do with him and will shut him out at all costs. Until the killer’s attention turns to Tony. Now he must work within the supernatural community’s rules if he is going to come out of this case alive.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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