Born of Water

by Autumn M. Birt

In the buried archives of the Temple of Dust may lie the secret to defeating the Curse, a creature which seeks to destroy 16-year old Ria for the forbidden gifts she possesses.

It is from among the ranks of those who control the Curse where Ria will find her best chance of success. Only the Water Priestess Niri can save Ria from the forces that hunt her, if Niri doesn’t betray the girl first. Along with Ria comes Ty and his sister, Lavinia, both bound to defend Ria from the Church of Four Orders. However, Ty has been living a life less than honest and keeping it from his sister. To survive a journey that takes them across the breadth of their world, the four must learn to trust each other before pursuit from the Church and Ty’s troubled past find them.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Duel in the Dark

by Jay Allan

War beckons, and all along the disputed frontier the forces of the Confederation are deployed to face the fleets of the totalitarian Union. But there is trouble elsewhere, on the far Rim, hundreds of lightyears from the battle lines…and only a single vessel is close enough to respond, an aging battleship called Dauntless.

Captain Tyler Barron is the grandson of the Confederation’s greatest hero, the father of the modern navy. His family name has always carried privilege with it, and crushing responsibility too. Now he must prove he has inherited more from his famous grandfather than the Barron name. He and the crew of Dauntless must face a deadly invader, alone and without help, and win the victory by whatever means, at whatever cost…before the Confederation is caught between two enemies and destroyed.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Daughter of Nothin

by Eric Kent Edstrom

Few people know that the Scion School exists. Tucked away on a private Caribbean island, the school hosts thirty-six exceptionally gifted students. They train every day to prepare themselves for an immense responsibility, to lead humankind back from the brink of extinction.

At least, that’s what they’ve been told.

Only one student—a seventeen year old named Jacey—suspects the truth. Aided by her extraordinary memorization power and driven by her undying loyalty to her friends, Jacey races to untangle the truth of who the Scions are . . . and what the headmaster truly means when he says they are bound for a great destiny.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Warden (Book 1: Wendigo Fever)

by Kevin Hardman

Trained in weapons and magic to be one of the monster-hunting Wardens, Errol Magnus goes from being the hunter to being the prey after crossing paths with the legendary Wendigo – a monster with preternatural strength and speed, as well as enhanced senses of sight, smell and hearing…and an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Now Errol must do the impossible and not only escape from the monster (something no one has ever done before), but also avoid the unearthly legacy it leaves on all its victims – a terrifying curse known as Wendigo Fever.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Pledge (Witches of Coventry House Book 1)

by Christina Garner

Three new witches. Two dangerous secrets. One demon on the prowl.

Haunted by her past, Eden sees college as her chance at a fresh start. With a new school, new friends, and the recent discovery she’s a witch, life should be getting easier, right?

Except she’s tormented by nightmares and lighting fires in her sleep.

When things turn deadly, it looks like the monster stalking Eden’s dreams might just be real after all. Will she face the truth in time, or will her sisters pay with their lives?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


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