Troll Hunter: Witch for Hire

by P.A. Mason

Troll eradication may not be on Gretchen’s resume, but strapped for cash, she’s prepared to try her hand at bounty hunting.

And maybe a stray love potion while she’s at it. Without a decent payday in months, she’s close to calling it quits, and if she doesn’t come through, her reputation — and the prospect of more customers — will be ruined.

Between an insolent spell book, an old friend too sick to run her favorite tavern and a new guy in town who is the object of every maiden’s desire, Gretchen scrambles to keep everyone happy.

A potion cocktail has unintended side effects with massive ramifications and Gretchen has no idea how she did it. If she doesn’t fix it, she’ll be forced to hang up her witches hat and serve drinks for the rest of her days.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Until All Curses Are Lifted

by Tim Frankovich

Phenomenal power. Cursed for his father’s sins.

Marshal lives in magically-enforced silence, unable to communicate with those around him. When he discovers he’s also heir to immense magical power, he sets out on a quest to escape his curse, and maybe find a way to end the corrupt system that gave it to him.

But his half-brother, wanting the power for himself, dispatches a leper assassin to kill Marshal and those he loves.

Seri wants to use the system to become the most powerful mage in history. But her ambitions are disrupted when the earth itself begins to shake. The magic that holds the world together is failing, and the combined power of all the mages is not enough to save it. And then someone begins murdering mages.

Manipulated by outside forces, stalked by murderous foes and monsters, Marshal & Seri each must learn how to use their unique abilities before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Far Forest Scrolls Na Cearcaill

by Alpha Four

Decades after invaders led by the White Wizard stormed across the Dark Sea, the world is once again on the brink of war. An evil is leaching its way across the land precisely as magic is waning and time-honored alliances are fracturing.

A dusty prophecy whispers a glimmer of hope, a soft rustle against an avalanche of darkness. With the world engulfed in war and chaos, a small group of friends set off on a quest to discover the source of all magic.

The overwhelmed band of heroes find themselves spiraling down an insane quest as the world around them crumbles. If the terrifying trials meant to protect the ancient scrolls don’t kill them, the eccentric and unimaginable guardians just might.

Can they beat the odds and acquire the source of magic? Will it be enough to stop the ancient evil before spine-chilling carnage from innumerable battles chokes all life from the world?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Etheric Adventures Boxed Set: Books 1-3

by S.R. Russell

Get the first three books in this best-selling series at a discounted price with this boxed set.

When you are a young adult in the Etheric Empire, your life can be changed in mere moments.

Often for the better.

Anne was saved by the Queen herself many years before on planet Earth. Now, she is struggling with focus, and coming into adulthood while her mom struggles with her own future.

When Anne’s mother makes an ultimatum, the Empress steps in, and Anne’s life is saved by her young friend, with four paws.

Now, Anne must grow up with her partner, and fast. Her new friends are going to need her in the future.

Together, the young woman and her partner, Jinx, have a future to affect.

This boxed set includes the first three books in the series: Etheric Recruit, Etheric Researcher, and Etheric Explorer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

Hell’s Children

by John L. Monk

The world has gone to hell and it isn’t coming back.

It happened in a year: starvation, gangs of kids with guns, and every adult in the world dead from the Sickness. Houses are now mausoleums. Civilization lies in the hands of children who’ve never had to feed themselves or survive a winter without gas or electricity. Most will die. Others — a bare few — will tread a different path.

Fourteen-year-old Jack Ferris is a survivor — because his parents raised him that way. Leveraging qualities rare for his age, he must lead his desperate companions to a secret refuge. Too late, he learns that safety is a mirage, and that the high price of hope is paid in blood.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Ivy Granger Psychic Detective Box Set

by E.J. Stevens

Enter an award-winning urban fantasy world where monsters roam the streets and things aren’t always what they seem.

Demons, ghosts, vampires, and necromancers—Ivy dodges the city’s deadliest villains while solving its darkest cases. Will she save the day or die trying?

Box set includes award-winning Ivy Granger Psychic Detective series Books 1-3 and Bonus Prequel story.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Devil in the Details

by E.J. Stevens

Ivy Granger, psychic detective and unlikely protector of Harborsmouth, must uncover the source of her beloved demon child’s illness before it’s too late.

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The Shifting

by Nicholas Head

The World is going dark for Colleen. In this world, Terror isn’t just a feeling. It’s a disease that has wreaked havoc on the world and now has its deadly claws in her. The Terror has already begun to steal her sight, and if Colleen and her mother don’t get help soon, it might steal her last breath. A miracle cure is within reach, but as it turns out, Colleen’s disease is only the beginning of their nightmare. Grief, horror, and misery strike at every turn on her journey through a world that gets darker by the second. Yet, in the midst of all of her darkness, a light appears. Though strangers at first, love enlivens possibilities in a world so wrought with gloom. The only problem? They know something about Colleen that even she doesn’t know about herself. A secret so disturbing, it would tear the couple apart if it were ever revealed. And secrets like these never stay quiet for long.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Dessa-Spirit of Vengeance, Book One

by Andreya Lombardi

Fight for the militia? Or for a hidden agenda? Cabil knows Syreene all too well—her motives marked with the stain of vengeance of her murdered parents. But Syreene is bent on learning the craft of elemental-wielding for better or for worse, even though her pyro-dancing human foster brother keeps her under lock and key.

The life of a schoolgirl carries little excitement to spark her itch of finding the demon who slayed her biological parents. Cabil insists on letting go of the past, but the fire under the redhead’s furnace burns hot. Even hotter when her older brother comes home one night, unconscious, past town curfew, slung over a mysterious man’s shoulder and plastered with blood.

The complexity of the moment follows the adolescent to a reckless encounter where she later finds herself kidnapped—a terrible consequence for trying to seek out her brother’s assassin.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Dessa: Silence in Bloodlust

by Andreya Lombardi

After a near-fatal encounter with the killer of her parents, Syreene finds herself mixed in a powerhouse of trouble. With her brother imprisoned, to be scheduled for execution, and a large bounty on her head, Syreene attempts to reclaim her life the only way she knows how—enlisting in the militia.

Disguised, her mission is foolproof, according to her. But the young elf fails to account for the bout of rejection stirring in her bones. Once half-elfin now half demonic—Syreene turns into the very thing she hates most and refuses to make it her weakness. But the lack of control over her newly acquired side makes things all the more complicated and complex.

Now the war-bound elf must shift gears and learn to tame the beast within, save her brother, and seek refuge, all while tackling the intricacies of her taboo love interest.

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