The Magic of Mortals

by Cassia Meare

A woman from another time
A warrior from another place
Together they must save two worlds.
But first they must get magic …

The Wars of the Roses have only just ended in England, yet Lady Elinor Woodbrooke still dreams of knights and battles out of the window of her father’s castle.
Until the handsome Chevalier de Nemours appears. She can hardly suspect that he is a prince from another dimension searching for magical powers hidden on Earth by his people.
When he finds a star-shaped mark on her arm, he realizes that she is the mortal foreseen to play a crucial part in his quest.
Two worlds are at stake, and Nemours takes Elinor five centuries into the future to help him.
But now Elinor must learn magic to return to her time while dealing with Nemours’ powerful and cunning enemies.
The odds are against her, but one thing Elinor knows: A true English lady is never a coward.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Wholesale Slaughter: The Complete Series Books 1-6

by Rick Partlow

Six complete books. 2000+ pages of explosive, mech military sci-fi action from Rick Partlow, the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the Drop Trooper Series.

Logan Conner will do anything to save his people, even if it means giving up his name, his title and his honor to become a mercenary mech-warrior, the dregs of the galaxy.

Because only as Jonathan Slaughter the leader of the Wholesale Slaughter mercenary company, can he infiltrate enemy territory and retrieve the technological secrets of a lost empire.

And if they have to fight their way through pirates, bandits and an enemy task force to get there, well…they’re Wholesale Slaughter. Kicking ass is what they do.

And if what they do brings war back to their own front door, so be it. They’ll answer the call and defend their homeworld. Because again, Kicking ass is what they do.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

A Rip in Time

by Jeff Gunzel

With red eyes, white hair, and no memories, Viola must discover who and what she is before her enemies catch her.

She doesn’t know who or what she is. The only thing she knows is that everyone wants a piece of her.

With no memory of her past and no way to survive on her own, Viola is forced to live as a slave to a man she despises. Her life of involuntary servitude is all she’s ever known.

But everything changes the day she is followed home and captured by Lord Alaric. With her red eyes and white hair, Viola draws the attention of Liam, the town mystic. He’s determined to solve the mystery of her bloodline. But the more Viola learns about her past, the more danger she discovers. Her only hope is to trust Liam and the infamous, brutal Demon Hunter as she searches for the truth. The world can be so much greater – and crueler – than she has ever imagined.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Her Wolves

by G. Bailey

I knew nothing about mates until the alpha rejected me…
Growing up in one of the biggest packs in the world, my life is planned out from the second I turn eighteen and find my true mate in the moon ceremony.
Finding your true mate gives you the power to share the shifter energy they have, given to the males of the pack by the moon goddess herself. The power to shift into a wolf.
But for the first time in the history of our pack, the new alpha is mated with a nobody. A foster kid living in the packs orphanage with no ancestors or power to claim.


After being brutally rejected by my alpha mate, publicly humiliated and thrown away into the sea, the dark wolves of the Fall Mountain Pack find me.
They save me. The four alphas. The ones the world fears because of the darkness they live in.
In their world? Being rejected is the only way to join their pack.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Highlander’s Desire

by Mariah Stone

He’s a fierce Highland warrior. She’s a struggling history student. Can they transcend the bounds of time to claim the love they desire?

Scotland, 1310. Fiercely protective Highlander Angus Mackenzie is unable to pay his clan’s tribute. He agrees to give up his own freedom by marrying the powerful and predatory Euphemia of Ross.

Scotland, 2021. Historian Rogene Wakely searches for her brother in Eilean Donan Castle and finds a rune-covered rock that sends her plummeting through time. Waking up to a gorgeous Scot who makes unsavory assumptions, Rogene slaps the man and runs for her life to the local church.
Will forbidden lovers risk their lives and Scotland’s future by choosing desire over duty?

If you like epic historical romances, dangerous rivals, and daring rescues, you’ll fall hard for Mariah Stone’s high-stakes adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

My Name is Simon (I, Dragon Book One)

by Nathan Roden

A tyrant. A curse. The true king of the realm…isn’t human.
Simon Morgenwraithe is heir to the throne. He loves his future queen.
But trapped in the body of a dragon, he loses his crown and his bride…to his baby brother.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

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