Chosen: Book 1 (Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance)

by Katrina Cope

The heart of a dragon, the role of a slave, and a prejudice to annihilate.

Wingless Valkyries are useless to the future of Asgard–that’s what is drilled into them at Valkyrie Academy. Determined to break the mold and help reap warriors for Valhalla, Kara breaks the rules and finds herself in the most dangerous position yet–facing the wrath of Mistress Sigrun and Odin.

Or that is what she thinks until she realizes a dragon is stalking her.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Never Date a Siren

by Byrd Nash

College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.

Brigit, a fae runaway, didn’t plan on getting a human roommate at university. Or that she would be placed under a fairy debt. Will the dryad be able to save Logan from a siren’s love spell or fail the semester?

American college student, Logan Dannon, quickly discovers that a student body composed of creatures from mythology and folklore are dangerous. Only if he can navigate the fae’s tangled code of honor, might he survive the semester.

Attending college your first year is exciting! Unless you fall victim to a siren’s love spell.

While Leopold Otto University invites both humans and the fae to attend classes, be aware the administration doesn’t guarantee your safety.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Dark Descent

by Nicole Taylor

With demons ravaging London and humanity in danger, it’s up to sassy and reluctant heroine Scarlett Ravenwood to protect the world from falling into the clutches of evil.

London bartender, Scarlett Ravenwood, has never fit in.
She’s a nobody with zero future, and the world thrives on reminding her.
But when she’s attacked by a demon, and becomes entangled with the mysterious man who saves her, Scarlett learns she’s not quite human. She’s a Natural — a demon hunting mage with powers unlike anything in the supernatural world — and her destiny is not her own.
Thrust into a hidden world on the brink of an apocalypse, Scarlett must leave behind everything she’s ever known to protect humanity…or risk losing her soul forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Live Soldier

by Liam Clay


You know what they call me.

Camera-eyed killer. Spawn of the ruins. Man who stole a city.

These are not the names of a saint. But every legend has an origin story. And because of what I am, you can experience mine in real-time.

Fair warning, though: my life contains instances of drug use, bio-terrorism, aquatic street fighting, unsolicited retinal surgery, advanced warfare, amateur sex and straight-up murder. Oh, and I’m kind of a bastard at the beginning too.

But if you’re sick of safe heroes… then log in, lose yourself and become the Live Soldier. Because you’ve never met a marine like me.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

War Star

by Liam Clay


To clarify, I never asked for an origin story.

Why would I? Beginnings demand endings, and heroes die alone.

But for better or worse I’m the Live Soldier now, and there is still work to be done. The last bastions of civilization are going dark, and we need to find out why.

From the Thresh, through a virtual world torn by civil war, to a city stripped of its name, we will chase answers. But the truth is rarely a tame creature, and friends will be lost in the pursuit.

My path is set, though. In fact it’s amazing how fearless you can be, when millions of people are analyzing your every move. The only question is, will you be one of them?

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The Chase Ryder Series: Complete Series Boxset

by Jo Ho

“A must-read for any animal lover.”
Thrills & action abound in this award-winning and emotional trilogy fans describe as their “favorite book series.”
What would you do if you found a super-intelligent dog only to discover he had valuable information inside his head that could change mankind forever?
Read the complete trilogy now to learn the story of a mysterious dog who has escaped from a sinister lab, a lonely homeless girl surviving on wits alone, and a grieving veterinarian still haunted by a past that he can’t let go of.  Can they keep their new family together while fleeing from the army of a ruthless billionaire? Will they even survive?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Daniel Humphreys

Harry Dresden’s sorcery goes on a Supernatural-style road trip. Cool car sold separately.

Paxton Locke is the son of a Witch.

Family drama is bad enough without adding human sacrifice to the mix. Ten years ago, his mother killed his father in a grisly ritual that Paxton interrupted. Now he criss-crosses the countryside in his RV working as a paranormal investigator while Mother languishes in jail. She’ll never forgive him for interfering…or for stealing her spellbook.

It started as a normal job for Paxton. At least as normal as speaking to ghosts ever was. But then the terrified shade of a murdered boy warns him of a dangerous, newly-freed entity, and suddenly he has to talk to Mother again to save the day.

In a battle for his very soul, will he be able to endure – or simply fade away?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Children of the Wise Oak

by Oliver J. Tooley

Blyth, Teague, and Abbon, three brothers of the Durotriges tribe in southern Britain, discover a strange old man, living alone in the forest, who warns them of a coming storm.
Soon afterwards, their father returns from travelling in distant lands. But then, terrible events force them to flee from their village; the only home they have ever known.
The old man teaches them some magic, before they embark on a journey across the sea to Gaul, guided by the warrior mage Gwenn.
Gwenn brings them to train with the mysterious Deru-Weidi, but will their magic be enough when they come face to face with the mighty city of Rome?
Fantasy and magical realism set against a backdrop of iron age Britain and late Republican Rome.
Suggested minimum age 13+ Features moderate violence and deaths.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Women of the Wise Oak

by Oliver J. Tooley

Sequel to Children of the Wise Oak.
Gwenn is sent to Rome to spy on a young patrician, Gaius Julius Caesar, born on the same day as Blyth and supposedly the subject of a prophesy in which Gwenn herself has little faith.

Although a powerful Deru-Weida her magic may not be enough as she falls under Caesar’s spell and soon she must ask for help from Blyth’s mother Epona.
While the two ladies see eye-to-eye on the merits of Roman wine, they disagree about almost everything else.
Enslaved by Caesar, caught up in epic battles, and captured by pirates, has Gwenn bitten off more than she can chew?
Fantasy and magical realism set against a historical backdrop of late republican Rome.
Book 3 Men of the Wise Oak is now out on Kindle only.

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