Descendant of War

by G J Ogden

Commander Dalton Reeves is assigned to Concord Station, a haven for crime lords and degenerates. But this obscure corner of space is about to become the focal point for a conflict with a long-forgotten alien empire, threatening to reveal Reeves’ dark origin. Can he face his demons and his enemies to save the galaxy?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

A Veil for the Vanguard

by Danny F. Santos

Kera, a librarian’s assistant with minimal magical abilities, is unexpectedly chosen by the Warden High Council to embark on a dangerous mission to locate the most powerful magical artifact in existence, which has been lost for over a hundred years. Accompanied by the powerful Warden and relic hunter, Jorthen, and a motley airship crew, Kera sets out on a quest that will expose darker forces at play and threaten a global war. As they uncover hidden secrets, Kera finds herself being hunted by a secret organization, and must use her limited skills to evade them and warn her people of the impending danger. Will Kera be able to save her people before it’s too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Villain Institute

by Megan Linski, Alicia Rades

Inmates Charlie and Ava-Marie find themselves enemies— and lovers— at a paranormal prison where staying alive is as dangerous as discovering the warden’s plans for magical chaos.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Felan’s Rescue

by Mark Raines

What if the video game Civilization was real?

Bestlethrone is attacked and doomed to fall. Now Prince Felan must flee, leaving his family behind in a desperate attempt to save his father’s kingdom against known forces and the influence of the gods who may be moving against them. All his family built over centuries hangs in the balance, as Felan fights against invaders, betrayal and the ‘gods’ who are really humans, now a galaxy spanning civilization, interfering with Felan’s species as a game.

Unbeknownst to Felan his fate is intertwined with Sandra Ferrara, a 13-year-old girl growing up in the space colony located above his planet and retired General Dash Cricken, a veteran of the Galaxy Wars. Though Felan is oblivious to their existence, what they do could change Felan’s fate and the fate of everyone on his planet.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Descendants of Prontoth

by Mark Raines

An 800-year, galaxy-spanning hunt nears its conclusion setting up a confrontation thousands of years in the making.

For 800 years Timion High Command has hunted the Descendants of Prontoth across the galaxy. Wars were fought, lives were lost, but the Descendants of Prontoth remained at large. Hamron Modestus knows Timion High Command’s quest for revenge made them blind to the allies they would need to bring the Descendants of Prontoth to justice. In his new position of power, Modestus is on their trail, ready to succeed where High Command had failed.

Caught in the middle is retired General Dash Cricken & the crew of the Prometheus. Dash & his crew discover evidence of a secret alliance formed to bring down the Descendants of Prontoth. Now in the crosshairs of Timion High Command, they’re forced to defend themselves against the hunter on their trail & internal dissension.

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Shadow Wolf

by Lilliana Rose

Kodiak must protect Tamaska against vampires who want her dead.

The leader of the vampires wants to capture Tamaska. She needs someone to protector her against a world she has no idea about. That someone is Kodiak, but she doesn’t trust him.

If Kodiak fails at protecting Tamaska and the vampires kill her, they will cause death and destruction on earth. His alpha disagrees, and forbids him from protecting Tamaska. The pack must be committed to each other against the vampires and not be distracted by a human.

There’s a bond forming between Kodiak and Tamaska and he is compelled to protect her.

Who will he choose, his pack or Tamaska? Or will Tamaska break his heart and risk everything he is trying to protect?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Destiny’s Cradle

by Paul Crawford

The Destiny is on a thousand-year journey to colonize a distant planet, but something happened, long ago, that upset the carefully laid plans of the starship’s designers. That crisis, now long forgotten, left the crew and its descendants trapped for generations within the ship’s Earth-like biosphere, its exits locked and its walls, shielded by a holographic force field, invisible to everyone inside. For teenagers Ben and Tessa, the biosphere is the only world they’ve ever known. That is about to change. As they’re harvesting cotton on a hot afternoon, a hole opens up in a nearby meadow—like the portal to another dimension. The hole disgorges a naked man, barely conscious and clutching a human leg bone, and then vanishes. As astonishing as this is to Ben and Tessa, the man is a stranger to them, and in their small, close-knit world, no one has ever seen a stranger before.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

The Soul Trade

by Edward Rose

When you’re the one and only Private Eye in Purgatory no case is going to be easy, but when a lost young woman walks through Patrick Judas’ door things take an even more dangerous turn than normal.

The City he calls home might be full of the worst people north of Hell, but there have always been rules. Live a good life this time around and your final journey in the great Elevator might take you to a better place, live a bad one and… well you get the idea.

But now someone is breaking those rules, switching the fates of decent people with the worst scum in the City – and Judas’ new client seems to be caught up in the middle of it all. With only his wits, a foul-mouthed cat, and the help of the scariest receptionist in the universe, Judas will have to risk everything to save the City he hates.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Rise of The Dominion

by D. M. Marshall

A desperate leader. An old and fearsome enemy unleashed. A new galactic war approaches.

Riccard Brams, the ruler of the Dominion, seeks lasting peace with the Commonwealth but is under attack by enemies unknown.

The powerful Edo, who possess mystical powers from the ‘High’ beings of the Astral plane, agree to help Brams. They are plunged into a conflict that threatens not just the Dominion, but the entire galaxy. Raichel Ison, along with a hand-picked team of Edo, travel to the Dominion. Little do they know that Brams is using them as bait to lure out his enemy.

Other enemies lurk in the shadows, growing in strength. The Edo are mighty and noble, but few in number. They’ve sworn to protect the galaxy, but will this be their last stand?

The Rise of the Dominion is the first book of an exciting new series The Dominion War.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera