Hidden Dragon

by Trudi Jaye

My name’s Mei, and everyone wants me dead.

Well, maybe not everyone, but some days it feels like it.


That’s the million dollar question.

All I know is they think I’m about to do something terrible and they want to stop me. Permanently.

Trouble is, I’m just an ordinary supernatural with an affinity for water and the very human ability to fight. I’m not special. I’m not unique. And I’m definitely not related to the long-dead dragon shifters of old.

So why are they still trying to hunt me down?

I don’t know, but I’m not hiding in the shadows any longer. It’s time to find out exactly what’s going on… even if it kills me.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Auryn Hadley

Growing ever more tender yet always impassioned, the romance deepens in this reverse harem epic fantasy series. On the world of Ogun, the intersecting worlds of the iliri, grauori, and men collide when an alliance is declared, and the humans renege. In the midst of offering an olive branch to other races, they seem secretly hellbent on destroying them all-and they begin by putting Sal on trial and disbanding the Black Blades.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Wake Me After the Apocalypse

by Jordan Rivet

When a killer comet hurtles for the earth, 18-year-old Joanna Murphy is selected to wait out the apocalypse in an underground bunker. She enters cryosleep with her close-knit team, preparing to resettle the planet after the atmosphere clears in two hundred years.

Joanna is the only one who wakes up.

Faced with a bunker full of bones and a blocked exit, Joanna must claw her way to the surface, figure out what happened to her team, and try not to panic—or die. That’s going to be tricky if she’s the only person left in the world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


My Dragon Lord (Broken Souls 1)

by Alisa Woods

Ember’s stumbled into a lair of desperate dragons—and she’s just the thing the Lord of the Lair needs.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Nathan Hystad

A shattered Concord. A united crew. A critical mission.

The Concord is in shambles after the return of the Statu, but under the guidance of the Zilph’i, trust is slowly being rebuilt.

Thomas Baldwin remains confident in his team, the secrets of his ship and the Concord no longer a dire threat.

While the Founders continue to appease the Concord members, the Border Wars are picking up steam, and Constantine is sent to the far reaches of space to the Zilph’i homeworld to request the Ugna’s aid.

Baldwin and his crew are tested beyond their wildest dreams, but if anyone’s up to the task, it’s the Concord’s brightest stars.

Unification is the second book in the epic Baldwin’s Legacy Series. Continue the adventure today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


Steampunk Red Riding Hood Box Set: Books 1 -3

by Melanie Karsak

Who’s afraid of the big, bad werewolf?
Journey to gaslamp Victorian London to battle werewolves alongside Agent Clemeny Louvel. As part of Her Majesty’s Red Cape Society, it’s Agent Louvel’s job to keep the streets of London safe from supernatural creatures. In this Red Riding Hood retelling, Clemeny takes on alpha werewolves, wizards bent on revenge, airship pirates, and a monster set on ruining Christmas.

Included in this collection:
Wolves and Daggers – Best Steampunk Novel of 2018
Alphas and Airships
Peppermint and Pentacles

Perfect for fans of Carnival Row! It’s Once Upon a Time meets Supernatural in this exciting retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale with hefty doses of badassery and steampunk. See how New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak puts her unique spin on this timeless tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


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