Marshal The Stars (Lone Wolf Squadron Book 1)

by Jamie Davis

A Lone Wolf Pilot, a Debt of Honor, and Pirates on the Federation Frontier

Fighter pilot Beau Ward was always willing to bend the rules to get the job done. His “independent” attitude got him bounced around the Federation Fleet for years—until he took it too far.

A long-standing debt has been called in, and he’s the one who must pay it back.

Beau’s actions land him a last chance command in the frontier system of Tardex with the order to assist an old friend and shipmate whose family has been torn apart by pirates.

Tasked with commanding a collection of misfit pilots, Beau must gather the squadron, scrounge for ships, and rescue the captured colonists before it’s too late.

A Pricolici engineer, a former scrounger from the Skaine mob, a grizzled Marine sergeant, and a green recruit. What could go wrong?

Can Beau hold them together long enough to stage a rescue?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Rise of Terry Victor Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

Intergalactic lawman Terry Victor is betrayed by fellow officers and sent to a backwater planet on the interstellar arm of the universe.

In short, he was sent to the planet called Earth.

Fed up, he quits in a fit of disgust and seeks a peaceful retirement among the humans.

Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding Terry Victor.

Keep his head down and away from Earth’s authorities, or help a woman about to be attacked by a gang?

Can Terry Victor resist the siren call that could ruin his future on this planet?

Is he willing to give up his forced retirement to take on Earth’s troubles?

Finally, what happens when a string of deaths points to something even he fears?

Will Terry Victor survive? If he survives, will the authorities realize there is an alien living among them?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

A Vacant Throne: Dreams of the Sleeping Cat

by Charles B Kiernan

Trueterra is a world of cats. One in which Puss in Boots would have been comfortable. This thoughtful fantasy novel follows Sunny, a typical housecat, through a picture frame into a medieval world that awaits him. He appears to fulfill a prophecy, but he must grow into the role of hero to perform the task that lay destined in his path.
Ultimately, it is a story about purpose and new direction, discovery and consideration, life and death, with a little bit of fate thrown in.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

A World To Lose

by Frances Ellen

In this YA fantasy adventure sequel to A Queen To Come, the five Asters, brothers and sisters in magic, face a new threat without the assistance of an ancient and powerful magic. A Dark King is organising an uprising to take over the continent of North America, and it is up to the Asters to quell it before it is too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Crystal of Life Series Boxed Set

by Dartanyan Johnson


Princess Sha’ella returns home from the grandest assassins’ tournament to discover her kingdom is under attack. When the truth behind the assault unfolds, evidence reveals that her father along with the king of Crestahn has been plotting a coup against the ruler of the galaxy.


With the enemy finally making their move, and the Council of Twelve Nations showing their true colors, Sha’ella isn’t sure whom to trust. And with her life and the lives of her loved ones on the line, she must fight to alter what appears to be an inevitable and bitter conclusion.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Blood Stone

by Jason J. Nugent

In the heart of the northern lands of Tregaron, a skilled dragonslayer embarks on a dangerous journey.

Lailoken has dedicated his life to wiping out dragons from existence, driven by a personal vendetta fueled by the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

When the bold young Kull Naga—Myrthyd—tasks him with retrieving the Blood Stone, a gem with the power to control dragons, Lailoken sees it as a chance to finally bring closure to his quest for revenge.

But when he encounters an ancient dragon guarding the precious stone, Lailoken begins to question everything he thought he knew. Faced with a choice that could change the fate of Tregaron forever, Lailoken must navigate treacherous alliances, confront long-hidden secrets, and confront the hatred within himself.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Paul L Arvidson

He never wanted to be a hero. But deep in the tunnels lies a deathtrap for the unwary…
Dun is haunted by savage dreams. Already suffocating under the weight of caring for his struggling family, he fears his visions mean he’s a shaman like his missing father. But when the rivers mysteriously empty of fish, he embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth.
Armed only with his dad’s half-finished map, Dun sets off into unknown territory with two friends and a dubious guide. But his search for answers could send him and his companions straight into the jaws of death…
Can he survive his destiny in the chaos of a crumbling world?
Dark is the intense first tale in the groundbreaking Dark science fiction fantasy series.
Buy Dark to enter the shadows today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Kate L. Mary

Scarlett Moon has one goal: Survive. But when her best friend is arrested, all of Scarlett’s carefully built walls threaten to crumble.

After being rescued by an airship pirate Asher Kimura, Scarlett finds herself surrounded by cons and fugitives, and thrust into the middle of a coal-smuggling business. And her discomfort only grows as she becomes increasingly drawn to Asher.

But everything changes when she discovers there may be a way to rescue Rory. Enlisting Asher’s help, Scarlett sets out to save her friend, praying her overwhelming attraction to the pirate doesn’t mean the end to her freedom—in more ways than one.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic