Into Shadow

by T.D. Shields

Hunted and alone, a war-ravaged city is her only chance of survival.

Beautiful, talented, and daughter of the President, Poppy has everything. But when a stinging betrayal leaves her father dead, she must run.

From the White House. From those she once believed were her protectors. From a city she loves.

Frightened and confused, she must first escape assassins in the beautiful capital before fleeing to the war-ravaged ruins of Denver. There she is faced with terrifying beasts, deadly plant life, and lawless gangs.

Using every bit of her military upbringing, she must fight to survive, and somehow find a people willing to give her refuge.

But any peace she finds may prove to be illusory. It’s not just the government that wants her dead now.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Capital Starship

by Scott Bartlett

The Galaxy’s Doomed Without Him

The Ixa smashed the galaxy to bits before they were defeated. Captain Husher has sounded the alarm in the decades since: the Ixa’s creators will return to finish the job.

But unlike Husher, the galactic government didn’t battle the Ixa, and the politicians have convinced themselves that maintaining peace means limiting the ability to wage war.

Now, the enemy has returned, with high-tech weapons that prove they haven’t limited their own combat capabilities in the slightest. If Captain Husher and his beleaguered supercarrier crew can’t manage to stop the invaders, they will happily devour the galaxy whole.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Pride of the Fleet

by Scott Bartlett

The Galaxy’s Never Had It Darker

Armed with new tech that could revolutionize space combat, Captain Husher must now try to convince the Interstellar Union to implement it in time to defend against the godlike Progenitors.

When a new alien ally shows up in the galaxy, it’s a mixed blessing. Their military might could prove a boon to the war effort, but what secrets lurk in their past, and how might they shape galactic society for centuries to come?

It’s a lot for one supercarrier captain to contend with, especially when tensions are escalating aboard the IGS Vesta herself.

Husher can only stand on his well-worn principles:

Do right by his crew.

Do right by the galaxy, even when the galaxy fights him every step of the way.

If death comes anyway, make it an honorable one, and make it count.

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Days of Endless Night

by Matt Larkin

n the freezing night, blood still boils.

Bearing a cursed sword, Hervor journeys alongside the man who murdered her father.

On an island beyond the bounds of Midgard, she plots her revenge. Here, days last but a few hours and the nights hold horrors born of the Otherworlds …

Her quest for vengeance leads her to wake these ancient powers.

Now, her only chance for survival may lie in the hands of her intended victim.

Days of Endless Night begins the Runeblade Saga, a series of dark fantasy, sword & sorcery adventures set during The Ragnarok Era. Grim warriors face down cursed blades, ancient evils, and numerous rivals in each gripping adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Days of Bloody Thrones

by Matt Larkin

The dynasty built on blood, can drown in blood.

Arrow’s Point is dead but those who hired him remain. To bring them down, Hervor joins King Haki in his mission to conquer Sviarland.

To win against steep odds, Hervor needs to hire the greatest warrior in the North Realms, her former companion Starkad.

But Starkad is enmeshed in a quest to recover another of the cursed runeblades.

And neither of them are prepared for the dark powers who lurk behind the thrones.

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The Stone of the Tenth Realm

by Eva Gordon

Sophie Katz, a Jewish chemistry student, harrowingly escapes a Nazi concentration camp. By way of Prague and with the help of a golem and a magic stone, she is transported into the Tenth Realm, a magical dimension that parallels the world she left behind.

Logan MacLeod, a Scottish warrior, hunted for a crime he did not mean to commit, flees to the Bestiary, a forest so dangerous no man dares enter. Drawn by the haunting sound of his bagpipes, Sophie and Logan meet.

Even as love ensues, the dark evil of the Third Reich threatens the Tenth Realm, led by Gustaf Hissler, Adolph Hitler’s doppelganger.

Together they must join the forces against Hissler in the Tenth Realm and help stop Hitler from world domination in Sophie’s realm. Will they be able to stop the Third Reich before its evil conquers all of the realms?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Cartel: The Apprentice, Volume 1

by EG Manetti

Where passion and duty collide: a woman in peril; a ruthless warrior; and a dangerous contract.

Lilian is brilliant, despised and one misstep away from execution for her father’s crimes. All that stands between her and destruction is the powerful warrior Lucius Mercio. In return for his protection, Lilian became Lucius’ apprentice, yielding control of her body, will, and intellect.

Ruthless, clever and ambitious, Lucius’ wealth, influence, and power are exceeded by few within the Twelve Systems. It is not sufficient. Lucius intends to take his Cartel to unimaginable heights with the aid of Lilian’s brilliance. He faces only one obstacle. Lucius must keep Lilian alive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Shadow of a Slave

by Saffron Jade Bryant

In the Known Kingdoms, Twins are killed at birth. Twins harness energy in an unpredictable and dangerous way. Twins almost destroyed the world.

Ash and Rae have always claimed that he is a year older to hide themselves from the ruthless Faceless Monks. An order who’s apparent benevolent mission to keep the world safe, is a mask for nefarious intentions.

Energy can’t be created or destroyed… but it can be harnessed…

When Ash and Rae’s secret is discovered, Rae is taken by the monks. Ash must learn to harness his natural ability to manipulate the energy of his world to save her.

Two rules must always be observed. Two rules everyone knows. Do not use energy from the living. Do not reanimate the dead.

Ash will do anything to get Rae back…even breaking their sacred laws.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


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