Nightworld Academy: Term One

by LJ Swallow

Welcome to the Nightworld Academy, attended by vampires, shifters, and witches. A place filled with harmony and mutual respect between the supernatural races. Sometimes.

My visions of the future are weird, but my new school is weirder. All lessons take place in the evening and the majority of students are on an advanced program where they take extra classes late into the night.

I’m enrolled at the academy because my last school expelled me. I expected to meet other troubled teens here so I thought I had the academy figured out: the mean girl, the quirky friend, the nerd, the emo, and the jock.

But I’m wrong. Not everybody here is human

On the evening I swear allegiance to my new school house, everything spins out of control and I realise I’m dealing with more.

Much more.

One of us will die, and I know who.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Worlds Meet

by Taryn Feldmann

In Truth Come to Light the archaeologists discovered the truth about an alien connection with ancient civilisations. In Worlds Meet the aliens arrive just as World War Three breaks out on Earth. The Atlanteans are tentacled aliens from planet An and they created humanity thousands of years ago to mine gold and now they’re back to save humanity. The Atlanteans have a history on Earth, the good brother King Plato ruled over Egypt and the bad brother Volko ruled over Atlantis with his wife, a mermaid. Volko produces a heir King Aquarius – half alien and merman. In the future, King Plato fetches his nephew from the underworld city Poseidon. King Aquarius is needed to fight evil. Dr. Paige Williams and her friends join King Plato the tentacled alien to planet An. During training King Aquarius meets a siren princess, Oces from a water world and an ice princess, Tenasha from a frozen world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Truth Come to Light

by Taryn Feldmann

Humanity asks life’s biggest questions – who made us? Who arrived in the past? Where are they now? and where are we going? Three archaeologists ask those questions and uncover the truth in Egypt, Mexico and Jordan. At each site a mysterious substance is found and a weapon that can destroy the planet. The government wants control and uses a biological substance to control the archaeologists. During a race to save the planet the archaeologists reunite and discover the link they share. Time is running out and together they try and save the planet from destruction and control.

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The Fractured Prism

by Brendan Noble

He’s fought his entire life just to survive. But when this rebel finds himself guarding the life of a princess, will he leave everything behind for a chance to live?

Five years ago, Ivan failed the Prism Test and became a Red, a slave on the lowest level of the People’s Front’s color-coded class system. He’s been Coyote ever since, a rebel Militia leader fighting to shatter the system that put him in chains.

But when he accidentally saves Julia, a princess from the remnants of the old monarchy, Ivan is torn away from his Militia family. Now, he must hide his rebel identity as he becomes a servant in a palace where slave-traders and royals with their eyes on the throne lurk around every corner.

In Julia, Ivan sees his first real chance to end the Prism. But as a sinister plot threatens to eliminate both of their families, Ivan and Julia’s unlikely relationship will be tested.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



by Todd Fahnestock

A brooding demigod. A young magician. A race to restore magic to the lands.

Mirolah wants a quiet life, but the villagers in her town will kill her if they discover the truth. She is a magical threadweaver, the first to surface in three hundred years.

Long bereft of magic, the human lands are dying. Humans are devolving, and their culture is crumbling. Their legendary protector, the demigod Wildmane, has given up on them.

When a monster sent for Mirolah slays her adopted sister instead, Mirolah is pulled into a quest to bring Wildmane out of his self-imposed exile and restore magic to the lands. Undead threadweavers rise to stop her and cage Wildmane. To beat them, she must learn more about herself and threadweaving than she thought possible, more than the greatest threadweavers of a bygone age. And she must do it quickly…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Lake of Sins: Escape

by L.S. O’Dea

Trinity has one week to find her friend, or she’ll be the next to go.

When the harvest is over, tradition dictates that the weakest teens be culled from the camp. None of them are ever seen again.

Last year, they took Trinity’s only friend. She’s spent every spare moment scouring the woods, searching for him. She’s close to finding him, but the year is over. The harvest is done.

She sneaks into the forest for one last attempt to locate her friend but she’s barely left camp when the first call of Guards on hunt shatters the air.

She can’t let them catch her but she has nowhere to hide. A strange creature lurks in the water, following her down the river and something stalks her from the woods. Every minute brings the Guards closer. Soon, she’ll be surrounded. Forest or river. Which enemy should she choose?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Brian J. Walton

All paths lead to THE END OF TIME.

A horrific car crash sends Molly Gardner hurtling through time, putting her on a collision course with the ISD, a secretive government organization that polices the “tunnels”—mysterious rifts in the fabric of space and time.

Believing her husband dead, Molly turns her back on her old life and joins the ISD. But five years later, a routine mission goes wrong when Molly discovers a group of interlopers—illegal travelers—seeking to take down the ISD.

Told by interweaving both past and present, Molly discovers a mystery spanning decades that may hold the key to Molly’s past—a past that the ISD is desperate to keep hidden.

About The End of Time
The End of Time is a five-book series that will be released every month, beginning on December 19th, exclusively on Amazon and Amazon Unlimited.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


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