The Daragh Deception

by Kenley Davidson

Emma Forester has left Earth behind for a corporate colony world on the edges of explored space. After months on the run, it seems like the perfect place to hide from her terrifying past. But even before her ship arrives, she attracts the attention and the suspicions of brusque, handsome corporate soldier Devan Rybeck. Devan is convinced Emma is hiding something, but finds himself driven to protect the fragile-looking newcomer from the harsh realities of a colony world.

When a vicious attack sends her fleeing into the dangerous and unpredictable wilds of Daragh, Emma proves just how far she’s willing to go to protect her secrets. But Daragh has secrets of its own, and Devan must race against time to bring Emma home before her discoveries trigger a Conclave war.

If he fails, there will be no escape from the coming darkness—either for himself or the woman he would die to protect.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Seals of Eternity

by Edita A. Petrick

An academic conference. A priceless ancient artifact…and a prehistoric demon looking for its mirror twin.

When Stella’s husband, Carter, takes their adoptive son, Gabriel, to see the newly opened exhibit of recently discovered ancient treasures in a museum in Coral Gables, he has no idea that once again the doomsday clock started ticking.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Quantum State

by M. Black

An original Young Adult A.I. Dystopian along the lines of The Giver meets Eagle Eye, Quantum State is a standalone that is described as “unputdownable!”

In a future date only known to our characters as year 61 of MAQS, this quiet utopian district of Cherni, contains the perfect system. Everyone is assigned a duty and life is a harmonious event directed by the chief quantum computer MAQS, Masha Mikhailov is not convinced of MAQS’ sincerity and is determined to escape.

Aided by her best friend Esfir in this futuristic dystopian thriller, Masha’s dreams of escape are shattered when she is assigned to marry the Keeper, Kazimir, until she discovers a way to finally destroy MAQS and leave Cherni. Join Masha, a determined heroine, in her quest for freedom as she learns the truth about Cherni, MAQS, and herself.

Fans of Hyperion, The Giver, The Glitch, The Matrix, 1984 will enjoy.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Serpent Waits

by Bill Hiatt

Amy Monroe thinks she’s investigating secret scientific experiments in a small town. Instead, she finds secret magic from ancient Egypt that could change her life forever–if it doesn’t end it first.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Freedom’s Fire Box Set: The Complete Military Space Opera Series (Books 1-6)

by Bobby Adair

It was never a question of if the aliens would come, it was only ever when.

The first interstellar war, a generation ago, left humanity enslaved. Now humans fight in the armies of their masters to save themselves from annihilation.

At least, that’s what the propaganda insists is true. What the layers of lies keep hidden, is how badly the new war is going for the people of earth.

Now it’s Dylan Kane’s turn to blast into the heavens and join the battle, but what his masters don’t know, is that by putting a weapon in his hands, they’re giving him the key to unlocking his hopes of freedom.

When the railgun slugs are tearing through his ship, and the vacuum is sucking the life out of his wounded friends, will Dylan’s years of repressed rage turn into enough bravery to make his dream come true?

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Once Upon A Quest

by Anthea Sharp et al

Fifteen brand new fairytale twists from the bestselling and award-winning authors who brought you Once Upon A Curse and Once Upon A Kiss! With inspirations ranging from The Ugly Duckling to Snow White, and everything in between (including trips to Camelot and Oz), these fabulous tales are full of adventure, magic, and a touch of romance.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Once Upon A Kiss

by Anthea Sharp, et al

17 magical stories from NY Times and USA Today bestsellers and award-winning authors that will warm even the coldest hearts. Inspired by old favorites as well as lesser-known tales, find retellings of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Old Rinkrank, King Thrushbeard, The Princess and the Pea, and many more – all with fresh, romantic twists.

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