Infernal Assassin

by Drake Mason and Melissa Hawke

Dominic freaking Finch. Wizard first class, ex-army badass, and a terrific kisser. And now, the only obstacle in the way of completing my mission. Thanks to him, I’m not allowed to use my arsenal of enchanted weapons, as decreed by the magical governing body we both used to work for. I’ve spent the last year at the bottom of a bottle, holed up with a baby dragon and a very grumpy faerie. But if I can prove who was really behind the ritual that destroyed my sister, I might just get my life back. For Cat to live, someone has to die. Luckily, I’m great at killing people.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Eve of Snows

by L. James Rice

Five hundred years ago the world shattered, banishing the gods from the Sister Continents. In seventeen days a religious cabal will summon the gods back to the realms of men.

In the northern tundra priests search the Steaming Lakes, a place tormented by the Wakened Dead. Deep in the mountains, demonic shadows assail priests at a holy shrine. In the south, the clans know something foul is afoot, and dispatch warriors to seek answers, but instead they find horrors.

A young priestess named Eliles stands in the heart of this conspiracy, on her shoulders rest decisions which could prevent a holy war or demonic genocide. Through lies, manipulation, and murder, everyone is on a seventeen day march to fulfill or defy prophecy; the world will end or begin anew, come the Eve of Snows.

* Winner 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Award
* Chosen as an “Editor’s Pick” in Booklife by Publisher’s Weekly

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Birth of a Unicorn & Other Stories

by Stephanie Ciofalo and Other Authors

Introducing twelve exciting stories from eight fantasy authors:

“Birth of a Unicorn” – A youth and his horse make a desperate dash across unfriendly territory to save a village. Along the way, he finds death, life, and a miracle. (by Sandra Bell Kirchman)

“Pearls and Bone” – When a creature from legend washes up out of the sea, a deaf woman’s kindness and a guardsman’s conscience are all that stand between their town’s hatred and an entire race’s damnation. (by Stephanie J. Cress, writing under the name Stephanie Ciofalo)

“Old Stories for New” – There’s magic in stories, as a young woman discovers on her journey to recover her identity…and her shoes. (by Eric Esteb)

And more!

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories


The Traitor’s Son

by Pedro Urvi

A kingdom in danger, a great betrayal, a boy seeking to redeem his father’s honor. Will he succeed in exonerating him and saving the realm from an enemy in the shadows before it is too late for the whole North?

By the age of fifteen, Lasgol has endured a hard childhood and lives, cornered and hated, in a small village in the North. He is the son of the traitor, the man who betrayed the kingdom and tried to kill the King. His only companions are the mountains and the snow, ever-present in the region. Yet he refuses to believe that his father is guilty, in spite of all the evidence that points to the fact, even though the King himself was a witness to the betrayal.

Lasgol is determined to clear his father’s name, and to do this he has only a single option: the School of Rangers, a secret place where the respected and feared defenders of the lands of the kingdom are trained.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Pilgrimage: A Survival Story

by Tom Abrahams

High School teacher James Rockwell is vacationing in Maine with his family, when an earth-changing explosion sends them on a race for their lives. Their first step is escaping an island in the midst of a tsunami, and it only gets more dangerous from there.

Can they find their way home as civilization crumbles around them? And if they do, what horrors will they find?

It’s a bullet-train of a thriller riding on the edge of the rails to the last page.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Spark City

by Robert J Power

“An incredible love story with a magnificent flawed hero and a strong heroine.”

Erroh spends his evenings in taverns and gambling halls instead of living up to his warriors’ lineage — but war is on the horizon, and Erroh can’t ignore his destiny forever. A coming of age fantasy with an epic sword fights and an unforgettable love story.
Perfect for fans of Patrick Rothfuss, find out why thousands of readers have fallen for Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Robert J Power’s epic fantasy series.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


The Underworld Collection

by Apollos Thorne

This collection contains the first three books in the Underworld series: Level Up or Die, Through the Belly of the Beast, and Sanctuary, all of which are sold separately.

Elorion has just finished a VR gaming session to find a monster waiting for him. With nineteen other students who have also been kidnapped, he is now subject to the whims of a thousand-year-old succubus and must survive deep under the earth in the lost realm of the Underworld. Gifted with the ability to use magic and advance in power, he is given an ultimatum. Level up or die…

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations


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