Ember and Stone

by Megan O’Russell

Ena never hoped for a peaceful life. She never dreamt she’d become a killer either.
Ilbrea: A country mercilessly ruled by the seven Guilds where commoners struggle to survive—no one knows the cost of survival better than illegal healer Ena Ryeland. Ena is offered a life of freedom and a chance to fight the Guilds. But she can’t win the battle alone…
A myth to guide her journey.
A brother she thought she’d lost.
A ghost to steal her fear.
A man to steal her heart.
An impossible enemy. A hope for freedom. Ena is the only one with a chance of fighting the Guilds—if she can survive long enough to try.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Guardian of Talons and Snares

by Anastasis Blythe

Can they stop almost killing each other long enough to save their empire? Or will his secrets destroy them both?

Sun Aranya just wants a stable job so she can care for her ailing grandfather. After years of relentless magic training, she has finally earned a city wardenship—only to discover on her first day that annoyingly handsome Shi Kai is laying claim to her position.

There’s only one option: they’ll just have to compete for it.

But while Aranya and Kai are forced to work together until one of them wins their competition, trouble brews in the empire. Whispered threats of enemy invasion abound, and magic-wielders are disappearing across the empire without a trace.

Can Aranya and Kai see past their rivalry to discover the fate of the missing magic-wielders? Or will Kai’s secrets destroy them all?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Blue Apocalypse: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure (End Days Book 1)

by Craig Martelle & E.E. Isherwood

A father and his son. A country apart. A blue ribbon crosses the sky, and the world starts to unravel. So begins the adventure as Buck and Garth struggle to find safety as they search for each other. They decide not to go it alone, picking up stragglers and friends alike on their way to the site of the apocalypse, to the heart of Armageddon. End Days is what readers are calling a heart-pounding emotional roller coaster. Join us today in the fight for survival within a changing world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Gates of Mars

by McFall & Hays

What happens after the plutocrats abandon Earth and colonize Mars as a luxury gated community? An award-winning interplanetary mystery and a searing critique of the billionaire quest for Mars. Irreverent, funny, hopeful. Plus, giraffes.

“Sublime.” Kirkus Reviews
“Edgy. Riveting. Thoroughly enjoyable.” Midwest Book Review
“Prophetic.” Boulder City Review

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


The Old Gods

by John Brunsdon

Norse Mythology meets The Lost World in a gripping mix of historical fiction and fantasy.

The Age of Vikings is drawing to a close as the last believers in the gods of Asgard yield to the growing power of the God of Rome. But in the bewildering mists of the great ocean there is a place where neither can hear your prayers: a place where the Old Gods still walk the earth.

Young, fame-hungry warrior Einar Leifsson dreams of hearing his name sung in heroic verse, but a run-in with trickster poet Eilífr Goðrúnarson sees him forced to join a band of outcast mercenaries guiding the king’s skald and two Christian priests on a glory-less mission to bring God to the wildmen of Groenland.

Fate offers a darker path when a mysterious Skraeling tells him of a lost island of ‘dragons’; revealing its secret in exchange for a promise to deliver his curse to the monster who took the last of his people.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical