Bright Horizons

by Wilson Harp

A first contact goes wrong and plunges Earth into an interstellar war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


The Reclaiming Honor Omnibus (Books 1-8)

by Justin Sloan

The History of the World wasn’t what Valerie was taught.
The daughter of a vampire and sister of a devil walking, Valerie finds out she has something neither her brother nor her father possess:

She has Honor.

Setting off on a journey to America, she finds herself stepping up to be the Justice Enforcer the land needs. She will fight for the oppressed. She will destroy evil.

This digital box set contains eight action-packed science fiction adventures:

Justice is Calling

Valerie must flee a brother who leaves her for dead. Because, if there is one thing Valerie understands?

It’s that Justice Doesn’t Turn the Other Cheek.

150 years after a near apocalypse, the world is rebuilding. Survival has become the only rule, and justice is in short supply. Now, Justice has come calling.

The Reclaiming Honor series is part of The Kurtherian Gambit Universe.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary


Shadow Magic

by Nazri Noor

The gods are dying. But for one man, death is only the beginning.

Murdered as a ritual sacrifice, amateur thief and professional charmer Dustin Graves mysteriously survives, finding himself gifted with strange, dark magic. Then more dead bodies turn up. Some are human, but one is a god of the old world, slain at his own doorstep.

Mortal or divine, the bloodshed must end, and Dust is the mage for the job. But first he must contend with a succubus, a talking sword, a spider queen, a goddess of magic, and eldritch abominations from beyond the stars. No big deal… right?

If you like snarky heroes, snappy dialogue, and a bit of grit and gore, you’ll love the first standalone book in Nazri Noor’s series of urban fantasy novels. Explore the Darkling Mage universe and discover a taste of Shadow Magic today.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dark Harvest

by Nazri Noor

Dustin Graves has three days to live.

The darkling mage has found himself in the company of scoundrels. Maybe that’s what Dustin deserves: a werewolf, a vampire, and a talking sword for teammates, and a rogue sorcerer as his mentor and master.

But a doomsday cult has surfaced. Twelve mutilated bodies are found drowned in blood and in wine. The massacre stinks of both the divine and the supernatural. Worst of all, an ancient god sends Dust on a lethal mission, one he must complete in three days. The reward? He gets to live. Well… maybe.

If you like snarky heroes, snappy dialogue, and a bit of grit and gore, you’ll love the second book in Nazri Noor’s series of urban fantasy novels. Explore the Darkling Mage universe and discover Dark Harvest today.

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The 19th Bladesman

by S.J. Hartland

His duty is to die young, but fate has something far more lethal in mind

If Kaell breaks, the kingdom breaks with him. And prophecy says the 19th Bladesman will break …

The Bonded Warrior …

Kill. Die young. That’s what a swordsman bonded to the ancient gods does. Without expecting praise from the man who trained him to survive this centuries-old, malignant war against the inhuman followers of an invincible lord. But Kaell wants more. More of Val Arques’ attention, his approval. Just more.

The broken …

Val Arques is entrusted not only with Kaell’s life but with the truth that will destroy him.
He cannot afford to care about the young warrior. For love means loss. And Val Arques has a shameful secret …

Duty and love collide in this epic fantasy about dark plots, dark magic and characters with even darker secrets.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Existential: The Mission: To Survive

by Ryan W. Aslesen

The Alaskan wilderness holds a nightmarish secret that threatens all of humanity in this epic sci-fi horror thriller. A global phenomenon that is on track to sell over 1 million copies.

Looking for a blockbuster thriller that combines explosive sci-fi action with intense horror that will have you gripping the page with fear? Then look no further and standby for a roller coaster ride of terror.

It was supposed to be just another mission…

Buried deep in the rugged Alaskan wilderness lies a secret that could alter the future of mankind–a secret that billionaire Elizabeth Grey has invested millions in solving. But when the dig goes silent and all attempts at making contact fail, an elite team of battle hardened military contractors is brought in led by former Marine Max Ahlgren, a warrior haunted by his past.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


This Strange Engine

by Philip Ligon

Thief. Addict. Wife Killer? Ash is drawn into a past he had hoped to leave behind as he unravels his ex-wife’s deadly secrets. But though he’s a thief and an addict… can he bring himself to kill her?

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


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