When A Warrior Comes Home

by Pete Barber

Funding cuts terminate a US Army advanced robotics project. Brian, the civilian software developer, repurposes the original code and develops a prototype virtual-reality video game. He needs funding to take his idea to market. A group of Iraqi vets who owe their lives to Brian’s battlefield robot come up with the cash. But the technology soon has to take a back seat when the mental torment of living in a war zone decimates the lives of his venture capitalists.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Discovery of the Saiph

by PP Corcoran

The Marco Polo is the first of it’s kind to leave Earth’s Solar System and lead humankind to Proxima Centauri. Unexpectedly, the ship’s scientists detect alien power readings emanating from Planet III… a wasteland that suffered a devastating nuclear bombardment many thousands of years before.

Deep underground, the archaeologists uncover a treasure trove, a library left by the Saiph which is mysteriously unlocked by human DNA.

Soon the Terran Republic learn of the implacable enemy which destroyed the Saiph and they learn ‘The Others’ are coming for them too.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Search for the Saiph

by PP Corcoran

While the Commonwealth Union of Planets begin their exploratory mission of the Saiph Worlds, The ‘Others’ capture The Happy Wanderer cargo ship and retrieve her precious navigation system.

Not only do the Others now possess the route to Earth, but the future of the Commonwealth Union hangs by a thread, jeopardised by the catastrophic betrayal of the Alonan Empire.

In the midst of the political intrigue, Admiral John Radford is tasked to lead the Commonwealth Fleet in a hard fought, bloody battle.

Can Radford stop the Others from striking at the heart of humanity?

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The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood

by S. A. Hoag

2047. Tiny pockets of humanity remain, scattered, and struggling. Civilization has fallen.

The Vista has remained isolated since World War Last, a generation earlier, its survivors content with what they have. Their children yearn for the knowledge of the outside world. That knowledge could make their lives less perilous, or it could destroy them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It’s not a dystopia, it’s not a utopia – it’s their home, and they’d do anything to protect it.
The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood introduces Team Three – Allen, MacKenzie and Wade. An elite team of security officers, they’re young, ambitious, and at the forefront of a movement to discover what is beyond The Vista. They also believe they are genetically enhanced, Gen En, a practice outlawed long before they were born.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Wreckers Gate

by Eric T Knight

It’s a suicide mission with only one purpose. The king wants Wulf Rome dead.

When General Wulf Rome gets his orders to chase the marauders into the fiery hell of the Gur al Krin desert, he knows the king has finally decided to eliminate his too-popular general. What he doesn’t count on is causing the apocalypse.

Somehow Wulf Rome survives both the marauders and the desert, but he ends up in a lost catacomb deep beneath the desert sands, where he finds a strange axe embedded in a massive, unnatural wall. When he pulls it free, he unleashes a nightmare of epic proportions. Monsters and diseases plague the land. There is no defense, no enemy even to strike against.

Out of the chaos a mysterious stranger calling himself Lowellin appears. Lowellin claims to be immortal. He claims to be the world’s only hope. But is he really? Or does he have other motives?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Rye Brewer

A vampire slayer by necessity.

Anissa Garnet is a vampire. She’s also a slayer. Anissa is no stranger to taking out the enemies of her clan leader. Her assignment is simple. Jonah Bourke is not to attend the League of Vampires. Ever. It should have been an easy kill. It should have been one and done. It would have been, if Jonah Bourke hadn’t saved her life.

An assignment like no other.

Vampire clan leader Jonah Bourke is that one. He didn’t plan to be a hero. He didn’t want to save the life of the slayer that was sent to kill him. Maybe he wouldn’t have, if he’d known.

Too late now.

Anissa just compounded his problems. Not that he didn’t have plenty: A rebellious twin who wants to claim leadership of their clan and a litany of supernaturals that want him dead.
So what’s a vampire to do when he saves the life of the vampire girl sent to kill him?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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