Arkship Obsidian

by Niel Bushnell

“Spectacular, edge-of-your-seat, breath-taking space opera.”

Earth has been destroyed, the entire solar system turned to dust by a cataclysmic event known as the Fracture. Now, the last survivors of humanity live on vast arkships drifting through the Cluster, doing what they can to survive in a hostile ever-changing environment.

When the arkship Obsidian is attacked, Wynn awakes in an escape pod fleeing from a huge space battle, unable to remember who he is. Hunted by a killer robot, the forces of a rival arkship, and the Church of the Infinite, Wynn must survive long enough to unlock his lost memories, discover who is behind the attack and take his revenge.

Arkship Obsidian is the first in an epic new series from acclaimed British writer Niel Bushnell.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Path of Flames

by Phil Tucker

r/Fantasy 2016 Stabby Award Finalist
2016 #SPFBO Finalist
2016 Indie Spotlight –

A war fueled by the dark powers of forbidden sorcery is about to engulf the Ascendant Empire. Agerastian heretics, armed with black fire and fueled by bitter hatred, seek to sever the ancient portals that unite the empire – and in so doing destroy it.

Asho–a squire with a reviled past–sees his liege, the Lady Kyferin, and her meager forces banished to an infamous ruin. Beset by tragedy and betrayal, demons and an approaching army, the fate of the Kyferins hangs by the slenderest of threads. Asho realizes that their sole hope of survival may lie hidden within the depths of his scarred soul–a secret that could reverse their fortunes and reveal the truth behind the war that wracks their empire.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic)

by Aderyn Wood

When a foreign tribe attacks the peaceful Onan people, a lonely outcast is forced to reveal her secret gift – but can she save herself and the clan?

It is the darkest time in winter, when suns, moons, and stars all wane from the sky. In the Wolf clan, a baby is born with a powerful gift, but dangerous omens brand her an Outcast, and the Elders name her Iluna.

Iluna struggles to find her place in the proud and distrustful Wolf clan, and as her powers bloom, she discovers a mysterious friend.

Dark magic, war, and treachery soon jeopardize the life of every clan member; many suspect Iluna and her gift.

Is this Outcast girl to blame, or is she salvation?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Dragonshade (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic)

by Aderyn Wood

In the sweeping desert realm of Zraemia, an ancient prophecy is playing out – one king will rule all.

It is no secret the enemy king aspires to the seat of supreme ruler, and most would concede his ascension, but one ruler interprets the prophecy differently. His daughter, Princess Heduanna, is a natural-born seer who receives visions from the goddess herself – visions that tell of a different fate for Zraemia.

A new and mysterious ally awaits far to the west, in a land of forests and mountains. The fabled land exists, if at all, over the Sea of Death. The goddess has revealed the strange people who dwell there will fight for Zraemia in the Great War to Come. Much will be risked to find them. If Heduanna fails to interpret the goddess’s will with utter precision, thousands of lives will be lost. But the visions take their toll on Heduanna’s health as the enemy-king’s army grows larger.

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Last Stand: The Complete Four-Book Box Set

by William H. Weber

The bestselling survival series with over 700 five-star reviews!

John Mack, a prepper and former soldier, struggles to save his family and community after an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) takes out the country’s electrical grid. With most electronics, communications and transportation destroyed in a matter of seconds, the nation quickly collapses into anarchy.

For John and the other residents of Willow Creek Drive, the breakdown of social order throws them back to the 1800s. As the community tries to come together, a powerful outside force appears that threatens their survival. Will John’s years of military and prepping experience be enough to keep them safe?

Mixing tons of useful prepping tips into an action-packed story, Last Stand: Surviving America’s Collapse is a must-read for any fans of survival fiction.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Darkside Earther

by Bradley Horner

The Ring above the Earth is on the verge of being invaded by the overpopulated planet.

Both the elites and the equally advanced Earthers are positioning themselves for devastation and tragedy.

Axel just wants to keep his girlfriend — It’s a real shame about the war they began.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Unfrozen (Valos of Sonhadra #9)

by Regine Abel

When the penitentiary ship she’s incarcerated in gets sucked into an anomaly, Lydia barely survives the crash onto an alien planet. Only the sadistic experiments performed on her by the prison’s scientist allow her to survive this harsh and dangerous world.

Kai is fascinated by the delicate stranger fallen from the stars with the power to bring his hibernating city back to life. She stirs emotions long forgotten by his frozen heartstone. Can she be the salvation of his people or will the trap set by the Creators bring about their collective doom?

This book reads as standalone.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


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