The Name of Death

by Joshua Robertson

Drada Koehn is a fearless, formidable fighter ensnared in a presaged war against the northern humans. When the Speaker foretells their victory upon discovery of the name of death, she sets out to unravel the mysterious prophecy. Now, bound by duty and honor, Drada faces untold horrors with her companions, searching for what may never be found. In a story of unexpected twists, she soon finds that her resolve to see the quest done will be the fortune or doom of her people.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Feedback Loop

by Harmon Cooper

Quantum Hughes is the sort of guy who doesn’t back down from a fight.

Trapped in an online VR world with a limitless inventory list, Quantum lives his days on repeat, fighting the same killer NPCs and hashing out the same gritty story lines again and again.

Then he receives a message from an actual human player, his first message from a real person in two years, which sparks an epic adventure across multiple online fantasy worlds.

But everything isn’t fun and games for Quantum Hughes.

Suddenly he’s being hunted by a murder guild known as the Reapers; suddenly he’s no longer the toughest guy on the block; suddenly, his real world body is no longer safe.

LitRPG action, humorous cyberpunk musings, and fantasy settings combine in this ground-breaking sci-fi series. Get started on The Feedback Loop today, and join in the adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Snapdragon Book I: My Enemy

by Brandon Berntson

A stranger arrives in Ellishome, Colorado astride a black horse. His face is that of death, but he is no bogeyman. He is a purveyor of lost souls, and he has come to Ellishome to claim the lives of men, women, and children.

Seth Auburn, an innocent boy, is deeply affected by the horrors plaguing his small town. When Ben, a magical tiger appears in the meadow beyond his backyard, the stranger is suddenly all too real, and Ben needs Seth’s help.

With a gang of newfound friends and Ben leading the way, Seth and his companions travel to a mysterious palace high in the mountains above Ellishome, Colorado, where something precious and magical awaits them: a talisman, which will not only aid them in destroying the stranger forever . . . but grant them the most magical gifts they could have ever imagined.

Don’t miss the conclusion in Snapdragon Book II: In the Land of the Dragon.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Sold to the Barbarian

by Abella Ward

What is this massive brute going to do with me?

Zon is a ruthless savage, killing for sport. He knows she is his mate from the moment their eyes meet. So it’s only natural that he buys her. He’s in his “musth”, a time when hormones run rampant. If he doesn’t mate right away, he becomes… unpredictable.

One moment Lisa is working late at the lab and the next the curvaceous scientist is in a vessel going at light speed. And the next? That’s when she’s sold on the auction block to a powerful alien warlord with a penchant for violence.

Is she his slave, his pet or his next meal? Either way, she’s finding herself inexplicably drawn to him.

As the danger swells and her feelings deepen, Lisa finds herself torn between her desire for the fearless warrior and her longing for Earth. When her attackers return, she can only hope Zon will save her again.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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