Dancing with the Viper

by Amy Beatty


In the eight years since the first Talessanin embassy ship landed on Earth, Hanna Bradley, like most other humans, has never met one of the reclusive extraterrestrials—and she likes it that way. Hanna’s life is finally going well. She has her friends. She has her art. She has her own cozy home. And it’s been months since the last bout of horrific nightmares left her weeping on the floor of her locked bedroom closet.

Then Jon moves in across the street.
Jonantathinel of House Kanestelan Ehr has left the intergalactic emperor’s service to settle in a small, quiet town on the empire’s newest planetary protectorate, Earth. But Jon isn’t just any alien ex-soldier. Jon has secrets.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Soldiers of Earthrise: The Complete Series

by Daniel Arenson

War rages among the stars. Can Jon Taylor survive?

The complete Soldiers of Earthrise series–in one box set! 6 entire novels = 2,000+ pages of heart-pounding science fiction.

Jon Taylor is an Earthling. He doesn’t care much about space. At least until his brother dies on Bahay, a war-torn planet many light-years away.

After the funeral, Jon joins the army. He learns to kill. And he flies to Bahay, sworn to avenge his brother.

On Bahay, nothing is as it seems. In this place of strange dreams and secrets, Jon hunts the man who killed his brother. But he learns that revenge always comes with a price…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by Brian Yansky

Vampires like you’ve never seen them before. There’s a plague and half the humans on earth die. The V take over. (Sucks right?) Humans become slaves, servants, or feeders.

Roman is a slave of the Count. He plans to buy his freedom and save his sister, but he gets tangled up in murdering someone he shouldn’t and not murdering someone he should. There’s a girl involved, daughter of an assassin named Sandman, a rebel leader of the Black Hats, a werewolf named Max, and two Aunties who make a mean poison.

Join Roman on his journey through the labyrinth of V world. Experience how a single act of selflessness changes him and sets him on an unexpected path. An Urban Fantasy Vampire Crime Novel.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Dragon Hunter and the Mage

by V.R. Cardoso

They call him the Half-Prince. And he has always heard their sneers behind his back. As the imperial court watches and plots, Aric unlocks magical powers that could spell his execution. Follow this spellbinding tale of adventure, danger, and magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by J. P. Redding

From the halls of D.C. to the remote shores of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, OFF GRID is a wild ride through a dystopian near future of mass surveillance. In the wake of a global calamity, the economy collapses. The Feds respond by wielding every power of the Welfare State to control the populace. A key tool is PivPal, an indispensable smartphone used to track citizens. As civil liberties crumble, resistance is relegated to flyover country whose residents—derided as off-gridders—cling to the time-honored virtues of freedom, self-reliance, and charity. Against this backdrop, Jenny Hernandez struggles to keep her rural church community nourished and safe. Hiding from the Feds, a team of inventors, and Jenny’s ex, arrive to complete the amazing plasma drive. They bring hope, but also the watchful eye of Big Brother. With the authorities closing in, local law enforcement must choose sides.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Hunter’s Rede

by F.T. McKinstry

An ancient hierarchy of wizards. Votaries of the old powers. Warlords, fiends, and shadows. A highly paid assassin with the rough skills of a wizard, voices in his head, and a bent toward bringing things to their darkest ends, is about to discover there are worse things in the dark than him. “Highly recommended – this is a masterpiece.”

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Cut Her Out In Little Stars

by Daniele Kasper

Cara DeLeon is a woman lost in time. She’s stuck at a job she hates in a city she wants to escape. When tragedy strikes on a subway train, Cara awakens to find herself in the future, but not the one she dreamed of. Her old life is a distant memory and nothing is as it seems. Thrust into a future on the brink of war, she must learn how to navigate this strange new universe. Commander of the Confederation Fleet Nikolas Caine is a man haunted by past sins as he defends the star system he has dedicated his life to protect. His ship is attacked by space raiders called Hostiles and Cara is discovered on board. Her arrival sets into motion a chain of events that will change his world forever. Cara uncovers dark secrets that threaten to tear the star system apart and endanger her life. As the ghosts of his past catch up to Caine, Cara finds herself struggling to face an uncertain future

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


by Rhonda Parrish

Morgan’s life sucks. A car crash has shattered her home life, and school is a daily torture session. The old camera she finds at the abandoned, creepy hospital seems like a change of fortune. And it is: Morgan’s luck turns from bad to worse. Morgan needs to reverse the camera’s magic before her already-fractured family completely self-destructs.

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Category: Dark Fantasy