Mermaid Wars

by Brent Reilly

Pre-humans stranded on isolated islands evolved into amphibians over millions of years. The Mermaid Queen needs the hot prince to stop the cruel Pirate King from raiding Atlantis. Mermaids use echolocation to befriend whales and smash pirate fleets. But their combined strength threatens mainland empires who vow to drown them. To survive, the killer couple will need monstrous friends — and the bigger, the better.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Infinity Charge

by Tyler H. Jolley

On a planet where the very ground you walk on is electrified, the soil charger race rules, and the humans are dying off. Tage is neither since he is half human, half soil charger-a freak of nature. His only chance for redemption lies in the mission the human elders tasked him with as a boy. Tage has spent his life undercover in the capital city of Currentgrad. By day, he trains to be a soil charger knight-elite warriors who can harness the electricity in the earth into their own bodies. By night, he prepares for his ultimate task: to assassinate the tyrannical Overlord. His only comfort in these dangerous times is Capacity, the only girl he has ever loved, and his small group of loyal friends.
For the humans, the planet has become nearly unlivable. Can Tage harness the power hiding in his blood to take on an entire army with his friends and save the humans?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Hear No Evil

by Terry Persun

A colony of scientists, a megalomaniac, an alien race…which will prevail? Brandon and Palmer, soldier and pilot, pitch their skills against a high-profile negotiator bent on taking over an entire planet, which could change the lives of every colonist on it. And why would one man want to do such a thing? To gain control of a secret alien race discovered on C47. It’s not about scientific discovery, and it’s not about saving an alien race, it’s about power and control.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Six Strings

by C. Billie Brunson

Carl Percival (Percy) VanNess inherits a guitar from his father. He’s intent on learning to play and wants to use it as a roadway to fame and riches. But this guitar is not as benign as it appears. In fact, the music produced when it is played incites anyone within earshot to murder whomever is in sight.

Troubles escalate when Carl lets his buddy Peyton borrow the guitar. Next, Mat, Peyton’s older brother, gets caught up in the same diabolical intrigues surrounding the guitar. Only Stacey, Carl’s enduring sweetheart, is aware and seems immune to the Gibson’s evil persuasion. Is this due to some latent magic she holds within, dumb luck, or something else entirely?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Sol-86 Academy

by D. B. Goodin

A digital space constantly morphing. Can a seasoned expert roll with the changes and save the system from self-destruction? If you like detailed stats, complex battles, and players exploring their passions in and out of the game, then you’ll love D. B. Goodin’s sensational story.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera