Black Table

by Anttimatti Pennanen

“The 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards finalist”

An unexpected death at Portland Comic Convention leads to an epic quest for friends Jon and Gus. But can two science fiction enthusiasts from Finland conquer alien enemies and save the universe?

New allies—Impressed by the duo’s technological ingenuity—enlist Jon and Gus in hopes to defeat the unbeatable.

With their usual charm, gamut of tv and film references and fist bumps, the duo enter each situation with a glee that they get to live out their science fiction dreams.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Mercenary and the Mage: The Complete Series

by Selina R. Gonzalez

She could be his light…if his darkness doesn’t destroy them both.

Secretly enslaved to a reclusive villain, social pariah Lord Regulus longs for freedom and acceptance.

The feisty daughter of a respected lord and a common-born foreigner, Lady Adelaide wishes she didn’t need to hide the magic that could make her a target.

Can they make a relationship work despite dangerous secrets, societal disapproval, and a sorcerer bent on destruction—even if he has to go through Regulus and Adelaide to achieve his goals?

Find magic, romance, found family, dastardly villains, medieval tournaments, humor, dire situations, and hope in The Mercenary and the Mage: The Complete Series!

This ebook omnibus contains The Mercenary and the Mage romantic fantasy duology, two companion novellas secondary character Dresden Jakobs, and a cozy winter holiday short story.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Vita Aeterna

by Jay Allan Storey

Alex Barret lives in ‘the Quarters’, a set of broken-down slums surrounding a glittering walled-off city called the First Circle. Like all kids his age, on his sixteenth birthday Alex is scheduled for Appraisal, an unpredictable medical procedure with the potential to extend his lifespan. In a world where everything else costs, for some reason Appraisal is free.

Alex has heard of every Appraisal scenario, but none prepared him for his own experience – abducted, imprisoned, and subjected to brutal medical experiments in a high-tech lab. He escapes and goes on the run, a heartbeat ahead of a ruthless army led by the most powerful man in the world. When he finally pieces together the clues behind his kidnapping, he uncovers a treacherous plot that only he can derail.

But to succeed, he must penetrate the First Circle, the forbidden abode of the ruling class.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


by D. William Landsborough

It has been a decade since the war between Heaven and Hell—a war that Heaven lost.

Angels are on the brink of extinction. Smothered in black clouds, the Earth that we once knew is gone, replaced by a land plagued with nightmares and pain. It is a world ruled by the cruel claws and fangs of Demons, one where light is most unwelcome.

Uriel the archangel has finally been given leave to descend from Heaven. But what he finds is an unforgiving, hostile world in a barren landscape. Infernal cities have risen from the depths of Hell itself, breeding suffering beyond anything he could ever imagine.

Working alongside a reluctant half-demon, Shandra, Uriel launches into the ultimate, grisly test in this world beyond life. His faith will be questioned, his blades will be wet, and he will soon find that the vicious fangs of demons are the last thing he should fear.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Crimson & Cream

by C. M. Skiera

Evil lurks in the Underbelly, and that’s the least of Jetsam’s worries. What must the young wizardling do once magic is outlawed? Can the fugitive orphan escape a legendary bounty hunter, dishonorable adventurers, an enigmatic dragon, and more? A classic epic fantasy thrill ride!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Beyond to Hutanya

by Kristan Julius

The once wondrous land of Hutanya, now starved of water by an evil sorcerer, is headed for complete extinction. Its fate may rest on the shoulders of Sarah Clare, who stumbles through a greenhouse door into this near-desert world~a world that those who have awaited her believe only she can save. But in order to do this, Sarah must call upon powers of which she has no memory, nor any idea how to harness. If she is to rescue what little life remains in Hutanya, she must embark on a dangerous quest to confront a dark magic and unlock the secrets of her past… and of her heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Blast Off

by D. B. Goodin

A criminal conspiracy programmed from ones and zeroes. Can a keyboard warrior stop her world from going south IRL? If you like hilariously wild worlds, detailed stat blocks, and intricate game systems, then you’ll love D. B. Goodin’s high-flying tale. Tap the link to buy the book today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera