The Witches of Coventry House Bundle: Books 1 & 2

by Christina Garner

This bundle contains books 1 & 2 of the COMPLETED Witches of Coventry House series.

3 new witches. 2 deadly secrets. 1 demon set on revenge.
Haunted by her past, Eden sees college as a fresh start. With a new school, new friends, and the recent discovery she’s a witch, life should be getting easier, right?
Instead she’s tormented by nightmares and lighting fires in her sleep. When things turn deadly, it looks like the monster stalking Eden’s dreams might just be real after all. Will she face the truth in time, or will her sisters pay with their lives?
The Witches of Coventry House is page-turning urban fantasy with young women stepping into their power + a bit of romance. This completed series will appeal to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Legacies, and The Mortal Instruments.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Dead Evil Mercenary Corps Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

Have you ever been sick of being the low man on the totem pole?

A trio of mercs feel your pain. Chill, Ivan, and Kortez have been slaving away as mercenaries for years but enough is enough and they are done putting up with being an afterthought.

Striking out alone is a risk, but mercenary work is not exactly in short supply…

Grab this complete series boxed set and join Chill, Ivan, and Kortez on their missions today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


The Moonlit Woods

by Eliza F Tilton

When Rosalie is thrown into a deadly bridal competition she must decide if the dark fae stealing her heart can be trusted to save her life.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Founders’ Effect

by Thomas Watson

Book Two of Five.
While Robert and Alicia MacGregor, survivors of the ill-fated probeship William Bartram, work to rebuild their lives, the Commonwealth seeks a way to end the long, bitter conflict between the Republic and the Leyra’an. But the leaders of the Republic, suspicious of the motives that drive their long-sundered kin and faced with unrest among their own people, resist the changes that must come for peace to exist. And all the while, forces unseen by either side are at work, determined to force Humanity and the Leyra’an to walk the path of war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dark Side of the Realms

by Papa Sanchez

Welcome to the dark side of the Realms…

Kailo and his new bride now have the upperhand in their impossible quest to save the realms. Kailo’s magic continues to grow, giving him new powers beyond expectations. Even the Dark lords are starting to fear them.
As their quest continues, they venture into new lands and explore places previously not thought to exist in their search for the lost scrolls. After discovering a dark portal, leaders in the quest fall, leaving those left behind in emotional turmoil.

When Kailo vanishes and there is no way to bring him back, his companions must decide will they continue the quest?

Is all lost?

Join Kailo and his crew as they explore wondrous new environments and confront their biggest obstacles yet in the next book of this adventurous YA series.

More villains. More fantasy quests. More sword and sorcery.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Glory: Humanity’s Last Hope

by Ira Heinichen & Craig Martelle

Glory barely survived its last battle twenty years earlier. Captain Drake resigned rather than face court martial. But the enemy is back. Humanity needs everything that can fly.

Maybe it’s not the ship at all, but the crew. They hold the key.

The fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of a broken crew, carrying a weapon like no other, hoping for one clear shot.

One last chance for Glory.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


The Lazarus Men: A Lazarus Men Agenda #1

by Christian Warren Freed

It is the 23rd century. Humankind has spread across the galaxy. The Earth Alliance rules weakly and is desperate for power. Hidden in the shadows are the Lazarus Men: a secret organization ruled with an iron fist by the enigmatic Mr. Shine. His agents are the worst humanity has to offer and they are everywhere.

Gerald LaPlant’s life changes forever the day he accidentally witnesses a murder and discovers an alien artifact in his pocket. Forced to flee, he is chased across the stars by desperate men who want what he has and are willing to stop at nothing to get it. Along the way Gerald meets a host of villains and heroes, each with hidden agendas. If Gerald has any hope of surviving, he must rely on his wits and avoiding the one thing that could get him killed more than the rest: trust.

For he has the key to the galaxy’s greatest treasure. Half want him dead. Half need him alive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure