Cry Havoc

by Mike Morris

The demons are coming and they want your blood.

Seven hundred years ago, flesh-eating demons came out of the darkness and conquered all who tried to stand before them. Only the island nation of Abios remained free, protected by the warrior priests known as the Black Dogs.

Now, a demon fleet stands poised to invade humankind’s last bastion and new heroes must be found.

Jack Frey, a street thief, is no one’s idea of a hero. He certainly didn’t ask to be thrust onto the front-line of a centuries-old struggle — but war doesn’t care who it calls to fight.

Across the Angel Sea, Lin, a slave of the demons, may never have seen a sunrise but she knows how to survive no matter what hell comes her way.

Little do they know humankind’s fate lies in both their hands.

Can these unlikely warriors stop the demon hordes before all is lost?

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Category: Dark Fantasy


The Last Nehisi

by Warwick Eden

War. Corruption. A dying empire…
And the only means of escape wiped out in genocide…

For millennia, Ageronians have prospered beyond imagination, aided by the Nehisi, an ancient tribe with the ability to bridge worlds. But now the tides have turned.

The Realm is dying.

In the face of imminent destruction, Supreme Commander Draeger must find a way to save his people.
As the prophecy of doom plays out, a chance encounter with a thief sparks the beginnings of a cat and mouse game, between commander and crook, in a world of political and moral dilemmas, corruption, and murder…

…and the revelation that the fate of billions could depend on the actions of a single amoral thief.

It’s Dune meets Daevabad in The Last Nehisi, Warwick Eden’s enthralling space opera of warring races, alien worlds, moral dilemmas and imperfect heroes. First in the Red Realms series. Read it today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Search for Sansari

by Warwick Eden

Warwick Eden’s space opera continues with Search for Sansari, the exciting second instalment from the Red Realms series!

The Ageron empire is in turmoil as the decline of its binary suns accelerates and the realm plunges headlong towards imminent destruction. With House Ellagrin now the enemy, options to escape extinction dwindle by the day.

House Ageron, in the grip of fear and panic, seethes with infighting and an insidious political chess game is afoot as Supreme Commander Draeger struggles to hang on to power and Emperor Akseli faces trial for treason.

For the billions of Ageronians, hope now lies with Tors and the small band sent to locate the city of Sansari and reopen the last Gateway. But for this small contingent, not everything is as it appears. Factions aimed at derailing them lie in wait in the unlikeliest of places as Akseli and his supporters prepare to play their hand..

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by Philip Coleman

Two dying worlds.
A machine of infinite power.
Five keys, scattered across distance and time.

Titans roam the earth: forces of nature from an overlapping dimension. They arrive, destroy, and disappear once more. And as the twin worlds of nearplane and otherplane align, the barrier between realities could be shattered for good.

For Cinq LeGarrec, a fatalistic young mage, the apocalypse is just the distraction he needs to break from his endless academic grind. He steals an ancient magical device—one which could be his last chance to uncover his forgotten past—and sets out into the hostile lands beyond the tower.

Soon Cinq and a growing party of companions are on a quest across dimensions to unravel the mystery of the device, their past lives, and the Titans themselves.

Enter a tale of sealed magic at the edge of the apocalypse. No kings, no knights, no gods—only survivors.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged Omnibus Collection: Books 1-9

by Theophilus Monroe

9 Books and over 2000 pages of magic, deranged chaos, and werewolf shenanigans fill this expansive urban fantasy omnibus collection.

Welcome to the Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged.
I’m Doctor Cain. I’ll be supervising your treatment plan.
Yes, before you ask, I am that Cain.
I’ve come a long way since I became the world’s first murderer.
I’m now a licensed psychiatrist.
What is it you just asked? You heard that I was cursed?
Yes, I’m also the world’s first werewolf…
But don’t worry. I have it under control.
It won’t interfere with your progress at Vilokan Asylum.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Ron Collins

A determined officer…
A dismissive command…
Will humankind sacrifice an entire species in their quest for the stars?

Everguard’s mission: Launch a multidimensional wormhole gate inside Alpha Centauri A so Interstellar Command can fuel new faster-than-light spaceships.

Lieutenant Commander Torrance Black, career already on shaky grounds, finds himself facing questions. Did they just contact sentient life in the Centauri system? Will humankind sacrifice an entire alien species in their quest for the stars?

How much will he have risk to save them?

Starflight, the first book of Stealing the Sun, a space-based Science Fiction series from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling Amazon Dark Fantasy author Ron Collins.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Day 115 on an Alien World

by Jeannette Bedard

A barren world. A crashed colony ship. A saboteur at work.

After a tarnished military record leaves her unable to find work on Earth, Margo is hunting for a fresh start. A colonizing mission heading to a new world creates the perfect opportunity—or at least that’s what she thinks.

Strapped into a crashing colony ship, she realizes how wrong she is.

On the ground of their destination planet, the straight forward colonizing mission becomes a scramble for survival. Her new world is harsh and unforgiving. Accidents keep happening. Too many to blame on bad luck alone. The trail of evidence leads Margo to a startling conclusion—one of her fellow colonists is a saboteur.

Tomorrow is the colony’s first communications window with Earth and their only chance to send a message home.

With the fate of the colony at stake, will Margo stop the saboteur before it’s too late?

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization