Telescope Jim

by J. S. Lome

The Buccaneer Left a Hatchet in My Guitar . . .

When secret buccaneer, Longfellow Jim, includes a misfit teen in his conning scheme, sixteen-year old “Miles” is unintentionally involved in a plot of stealing treasure. Miles, who has been exiled to the South Seas for bad behavior, is quickly mistaken for a notorious pirate and is forced to join the buccaneer in his treasure-stealing scheme. Little does he know, a giant by the name of Telescope Jim lurks in the South Seas hunting the same treasure. Will Miles survive a battle of trickery, deception, and double-crossing between the two outlaws? Or will he become a casualty of the giant Telescope’s cut-throat crew?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Hunter’s Rede

by F.T. McKinstry

Lorth of Ostarin is an assassin trained by a wizard unknown to his kind. He is paid very well to employ both the primeval darkness of a hunter and the ordered light of a mage, an uneasy combination he does not question until he returns home after a long assignment and trips into a turbid river of war, politics and the violation of all he holds dear. Lawless and adept, he picks no sides and takes no prisoners. When his wolfish ways get him imprisoned for crimes he did not commit, he discovers the deeper source of his ability and falls in love with a priestess who frees him to his fate. But the rift in his heart widens under the forces of love, loyalty and the occupation of his realm by a warlord who honors neither hunters nor wizards. To reclaim his homeland, Lorth must bow his head to death itself, a sacrifice that will transform him into the most powerful hunter the land has ever known.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Elemental Rising

by Toni Cox

Dragons, Elves, and Magic. What more could you want from a fantasy trilogy?

Maia, Elf Princess of Grildor, has trained her entire life to be the Elemental of her people. Yet, when she returns home to Elveron after her final test, disaster strikes. She has brought with her the very thing she tried to leave behind.

Faced with responsibilities she thinks she is not ready for, a love she does not reciprocate, and a threat to her people that might kill them all, she is suddenly forced to become what she is meant to be – a Prime.

An army more terrible than the nation of Grildor ever had to face is suddenly at the Gate and Maia, with the help of her dragon, Midnight, must face the challenges of saving her people.

The appearance of Death, however, might derail all their plans. Will the bad omen mean the end of them all, or can Maia overcome that which holds her back from true power?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Hell Bent

by Nathan Waqa

2317 – The dreadnought Relentless leaps into hyperspace during one of the last battles against the alien Skiloi, its destination unknown, and is presumed lost with all hands by humanity.

2337 – Relentless returns to human space, and as its commander begins to blaze a path of destruction across the stars towards Skiloi territories the Solarian Alliance rapidly mobilizes every starship it has in a desperate attempt to stop the rogue starship from restarting the war with their former enemies.

As Relentless proceeds inexorably onwards, aboard the TSS Satori, ex-marine Ridley Martini is asked to undertake a perilous mission by her captain: Board Relentless, lead a squad to the bridge and overthrow whoever is in charge when she gets there.

The mission’s goal is simple: Failure is not acceptable, and Relentless must be stopped at any cost…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series (Liquid Cool Book 1)

by Austin Dragon

The Sci-Fi Detective Thriller Gets Cool…Liquid Cool!

Liquid Cool Book #1 is the FIRST-IN-SERIES action-packed (and funny) sci-fi detective series.

Meet a private eye with a cool hat, laser gun, and attitude. But don’t touch his red hovercar — or you could get shot!

Watch him face off neon gangsters, sinister cyborgs, corporate samurai soldiers, and laser-gun shootouts in the rainy supercity of Metropolis. More gritty action and dark humor than you can handle.

In the debut novel, author Austin Dragon shows why you never want to meet a cyborg in a dark alley.

Liquid Cool is a mix of Blade Runner and the Maltese Falcon. It’s cyberpunk reimagined—a world of mega-skyscrapers, speeding hovercars, dangerous neon streets, and futuristic mechanization. Metropolis isn’t a bad place, but it isn’t a good one either. Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Spark City

by Robert J Power

“I honestly could not put it down” – Dyrk Aston,
#1 Best Selling Epic Fantasy

This warrior would rather gamble and drink, but the absent gods have greater plans for him.

Despite his warriors’ lineage, Erroh would rather waste his potential stumbling from one tavern to the next. However, when wanderings bring him upon the gruesome slaughter of a village he is torn from carefree ways and thrust into destiny.

Erroh must take up his swords and walk among gods. The eternal lights of Spark City and the cryptic trials of The Cull are just beyond the horizon and he must overcome the challenges within.

With a mysterious army marching forward, and unlikely companions at his side, does Erroh have what it takes to stop the coming war?

Spark City is the gripping first novel is this coming of age epic fantasy series, enjoyed by fans of Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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