Souled Out

by Blakely Chorpenning

In a world full of enemies—and one particularly hot coworker—Ell Clyne must discover who sold her out and why before she loses her soul, her life, and her family forever.

Because liars pay in blood.

Fans of fanged urban fantasy with a dash of horror, humor, and family drama will savor the twists and emotional scars of Souled Out.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Bite Me, Santa

by Chandelle LaVaun

A very vampy Christmas…
Christmas on Megelle Island is the biggest event of the year. I’ve been hired to plan it all: parties, activities, festivals, and the Christmas Eve ball at the palace. So what if I’m a last minute substitute because the old party planner got run over by a reindeer? So what if the King and Queen ask me to also plan their son’s engagement party within six days? So what if the cottage I rented was accidentally double booked and now I have an ancient, brooding vampire breathing down my neck every day? None of that matters. If I succeed, this job will make my career skyrocket…but if I fail to satisfy the King and Queen then I could find myself blacklisted and out of a job. Nothing will stop me.

Especially not sharp-tongued Lexington Prescott. Does he like me? Do I like him? Nope. I’m a professional. I need to ignore this passion…what could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Silver to the Heart

by Brien Feathers

Vampire Council guards modern earth against the ancient magic of a fallen realm. Urban fantasy for adults.
Drake, a telekinetic Elder, lives worry-free in New Orleans frequenting bars and courting women… till he gets called into work one day. Then, there is death, disease, dark war, and the end of the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Night People

by C.S. Hand

The Night People have been visiting Sam for ten years, since he was five. He’s terrified; he has no idea what they want and no one to talk to. Until Jade moves to town. Together, Sam and Jade explore the mine waste mountains outside of town, uncover a secret military base, and—somehow—end up in a mysterious underground world. Who are the Night People? Do they live here? What do the military know about them? And why does Sam keep having murky visions of Night People, round rooms, and environmental devastation? Sam and Jade are on their own. Adults can’t help and wouldn’t believe them anyway. Besides their own teen problems, Sam and Jade must figure out what the Night people want from them! But the feelings they are developing for each other make it harder to concentrate on the Night People.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Dragon Defender

by Ava Richardson

An ancient evil stirs in the darkness…

The Spirit King is dead, but young dragon rider Pieter’s wounds still run deep. His dragon Gloriox is determined to help him heal, but when their travels bring them to the realm of Chamenos, they quickly discover that Gloriox’s niece has been captured. And every other dragon has gone missing…

With their newfound friends Ziggy and Rosa, Pieter and Gloriox scour the land to find Gloriox’s niece. But their search is made even more dangerous by a tyrant king, who’s determined to find the first dragon’s bones. This bloodthirsty ruler will kill anyone who gets in his way, and Pieter may be the only one who can stop him.

The shadow of evil hangs over them all, and Pieter is terrified of losing his companions to the coming violence. But some battles must be fought, no matter how much Pieter longs for safety…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Mages of Starsea

by Kyle West

A mage’s fate is worse than death…

Lucian dreams of a new life outside the cesspool of Earth. Unfortunately, his wish comes true when the government identifies him as a mage.

No one knows why the mages are being born. No one knows why their powers lead to madness and death in a terrifying disease called “the fraying.” The only solution is to quarantine the mages in academies.

When Lucian is exiled from Earth, he must travel to the distant world of Volsung to receive training. During the long passage, he meets a mysterious mage. She prophesies Lucian is marked by the Manifold, the reality that is the source of all magic. It is a destiny that requires Lucian to master abilities he never imagined he possessed.

But that’s the last thing Lucian wants. He faces a terrible choice. To accept his new reality as a mage. Or to try and outrun destiny…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

First Kat Drummond Collection (Books 1 – 4)

by Nicholas Woode-Smith

You should never get used to the smell of rotting corpses…

When a necromancer killed my parents and left me for dead, I vowed revenge.

Now vampires, demons, and undead scum all haunt the dark alleys of Hope City. My city.

And it’s up to me to stop them. Well, me and the ghost inside my head…

But when a new necromancer threatens to unleash his army of undead minions I have to once more face the horrors of my past.

Am I strong enough to survive a second time?

My name is Kat Drummond and I’m a part time monster hunter.

The First Kat Drummond Collection contains FOUR full length urban fantasy novels and an additional short story. It’s the best way to begin your journey into the Katverse.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Ring Fold

by Scott Swisher

Jordan Zesker is one of only five descendants linked to “The Ring.” She thinks the 1920s are tough, but family debt and speakeasy blues will soon seem insignificant. Her blood type, a bona fide blessing and a curse, has placed her in the sights of TEMPUS. Shadowy forces have long worked to weaponize the chosen few endowed with the gift to transcend time and space … and absolutely nowhere is safe.
When Jacob appears out of the blue, bearing news too strange to believe, a staggering decision must be made: will Jordan cling to her desolate life or trust this stranger and help assemble an intergenerational team to somehow save humanity?
Accessing the Fold, an extra-dimensional passageway through time, Jordan must race to find her fated kin across the ages. Rocco in 1956. Paul in 1973. Steffi in 1984. Carissa in 2015. Each will prove essential in the battle for humankind’s future—and past.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel