The World Walker

by Ian Sainsbury

Moments from death, Seb Varden is saved by a creature he’d never believed existed. Suddenly gaining incredible power with no instruction manual, he has to deal with aliens, nanotech and shadowy government agencies with only his ex-girlfriend and a retired marine to help him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


by Matthew Mather

Read the novel voted Science Fiction Book of the Year by Authors on Air Global network, 2 million listeners in 46 countries. Nomad is the first book in The New Earth Series, a genre-spanning, four-book epic from million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather.





NASA discovers a mysterious object heading toward us. Humanity only has days to prepare. Can one family survive?

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

The Atlantis Ship

by A.C. Hadfield

Carson Mach, a former war hero turned freelancer, seeks the biggest payday of his life when he’s tasked to hunt down a ghost ship that has echoed through the centuries. The legendary Atlantis ship has become a reality, appearing at the Commonwealth frontier and obliterating an orbital station.

Facing a lack of resources, a ragtag crew, and aliens who want him dead, Mach must use all his leadership skills and experience if he’s to beat the overwhelming odds. His mission will take him across the galaxy and to uncharted dark areas of space.

Failure to stop the Atlantis ship will mean not only the death of Mach and his crew but the end of the Commonwealth and all of humanity. Somehow Mach must find a way to solve an ancient mystery if he’s to succeed where everyone else before him has failed.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by Claire Luana

Kai is a Moonburner—a female sorceress reviled by her people and normally killed at birth. Except Kai’s parents saved her by disguising her as a boy—a ruse they’ve kept up for almost seventeen years. But when her village is attacked, Kai’s secret is revealed and she’s sentenced to death.

Thankfully, the gods aren’t done with Kai. Despite the odds stacked against her, she escapes her fate, undertaking a harrowing journey to a land where Moonburners are revered and trained as warriors.

But her new home has dangers of its own—the ancient war against the male Sunburners has led the Moonburners down a dark path that could destroy all magic. And Kai, armed only with a secret from her past and a handsome but dangerous ally, may be the only one who can prevent the destruction of her people…

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Claire Luana

Kai, the newly-crowned queen of Miina, finds her reign threatened by a plague of natural disasters that leave death and destruction in their wake. Are the gods truly angry at the peace between the moon and sunburners, or is something more sinister to blame? Kai’s throne and her very life may be forfeit unless she can appease the gods’ anger and her peoples’ superstitions.

Determined to find a solution, Kai and the Sunburner Prince Hiro embark on an extraordinary and dangerous journey to discover the true cause of the plagues. What they find is an ancient enemy determined to plunge their world into eternal darkness — and one desperate chance to save it.

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Family Magic

by Patti Larsen

Her mom’s a witch, her dad’s a demon and she wants to be ordinary. But when an insidious evil comes for Sydlynn Hayle’s coven, she must choose between normal life and saving her family’s magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Crimson & Cream

by C. M. Skiera

Hounded by watchmen, trolls, goblins, and a relentless bounty hunter, 13-year-old Jetsam dreams of the day he’ll no longer have to run for his life.

In the mountain city of Dwim-Halloe, Eidryn and Elvar were born twins to teachers at the city’s revered School of Magic. When the new king outlawed magic, the boys’ parents were murdered. Their deaths forfeited the twins’ magical birthright and made them homeless fugitives.

Rescued by an orphan gang, the fleeing twins were nicknamed Flotsam and Jetsam. To survive as outcasts, the orphans scavenge and pilfer nightly. Their last risky foray sent them fleeing for their lives into an unfamiliar cavern. Now the boys are lost deep underground where they encounter a strange beast that will change their lives forever and begin a harrowing journey for their ultimate survival.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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