Runes of Issalia: The Complete Collection

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

The return of a long lost magic. A desperate quest for an enchanted relic. The final battle to save mankind from extinction. This 1,100 page collection includes the entire Runes of Issalia saga: “A hidden gem amongst an array of great fantasy.” – 5 stars – Observant Raven Book Review

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Krista Street

Lena’s not the only one with a supernatural power and a mysterious tattooed symbol. The dark-eyed man she’s drawn to may share her forgotten past.

If you enjoy thrilling paranormal stories with a dash of mystery and romance, you’ll love this complete series from a USA TODAY bestselling author. Start reading FORGOTTEN today!

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Curse Painter

by Jordan Rivet

Briar can curse with the flick of a paintbrush. Her paintings maim, bewitch, and—most effectively of all—destroy. But Briar doesn’t want to hurt people anymore. She has fled her family’s deadly curse business to start a new life peddling nonlethal jinxes and petty revenge.

Briar’s destructive powers catch the eye of a charismatic young outlaw called Archer, who hires her to help him save a kidnapped friend from a ruthless baron. Briar thinks this is her chance to make amends for her crimes, but the family business won’t let her go so easily.

When her violent past jeopardizes Archer’s rescue mission, Briar must confront the dark arts she left behind—and decide what she’s willing to destroy in order to be good.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

The Isle Of Middleworld

by Gilliam Ness


Dr. Mandy Mirabelle is poised to inherit her family’s ancestral mental institution when a debilitating phobia of its eerie old wing puts her birthright at risk. Something wicked befell her there seven years ago, and the trauma inflicted her with amnesia. Only her boyfriend Gordon was a witness to what happened, but he’s a psychotic inpatient at her hospital now, and he’s lost all contact with reality.

Convinced that Gordon holds the key to the mystery, quack inventor Edward G. Perniferous uses a quantum mechanical machine to transport himself into Gordon’s unconscious mind. There he encounters a vast dreamworld, and a crumbling island kingdom on the brink of a dragon attack.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Warden’s Return

by Gilliam Ness

After his ill-fated meeting with Dr. Perniferous, Gordon learns that the Isle is only a small part of a vast dreamworld, possessed of kingdoms, histories, horrific monsters, and apocalyptic prophecies, of which he is the central figure. Magical pools bridge mysterious dimensions, and everything is imbued with symbolic meaning. In an effort to circumvent the prophesied dragon attack on the Isle, Gordon and his dog Thelonious embark on a mission to slay the dragon before it comes, using a mysterious Pool to make the crossing into Lowerworld.

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The Initial Fold

by Nick Adams

What would you do if you materialised inside an alien starship?

It’s 2049, and NASA-sponsored physicist Edward Virr is on the cusp of man’s greatest breakthrough – the ability to fold space and travel faster than light.

He personally tests NASA’s futuristic prototype fold ship with a hand-picked crew. But as disaster strikes the first mission, Ed begins to suspect that he isn’t the only one developing the new technology.

Discovering there’s a lot more at stake than first contact, Ed soon realises that Earth’s very survival depends on his ability to solve a crime of galactic proportions.

Join Edward Virr and his rag-tag crew as they undertake their first space adventure into the depths of the Milky Way.

The Fold Series: it’s like the love child of The Martian and Red Dwarf – with a pinch of Star Trek thrown in for extra flavour!

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Stonebearer’s Betrayal

by Jodi L Milner

Forbidden magic compelled Katira to live a lie, but learning the truth is far more dangerous than she ever dreamed.
When an innocent hunting trip turns into an attack, Katira’s world fractures. Her humble parents are actually legendary Stonebearers – immortal, powerful beings tasked with protecting the human world from creatures of the mirror realm.
Those cracks widen and shatter apart when the Archdemoness, Wrothe, escapes from her timeless prison and snatches Katira away, intending to use her as bait to destroy not only her family line, but the entire Stonebearer Society.
If Katira is to be made whole again, she must learn to trust the young stranger who’s trying to save her while finding the strength to accept not only her parents’ power, but her own.
Winner of the Quills 2019 Recommended Read

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age