Appease: Princess and the Pea Retold

by Demelza Carlton

A princess who refuses to be a prize. A prince’s promise. Perhaps dragons aren’t so bad after all.
Once upon a time…
Promised as a prize to any hero who can slay the dragon, Princess Sativa flees the palace in search of the prince she was betrothed to as a child. But there are many miles between her and the boy who has become a king.
Can a lone princess cross the sea and convince the king she’s the princess of his dreams?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Burden’s Edge (Fury of a Rising Dragon, book 1)

by Sever Bronny

When a young man chooses a forbidden calling, he must prove his worth . . . or watch his kingdom fall.

Sixteen-year-old Augum Stone is a warlock prodigy suffocating under the weight of expectations. Students idolize him. Nobles plot to exploit him. Commoners think he’s a miracle-maker. And with invasion looming, his already war-weakened kingdom expects him to be its champion.

But Augum doesn’t want to be a pawn in someone else’s game. He’ll forge his own path: that of the Arcaner–not a warlock or a knight, but a lethal combination of both. Legend says Arcaners once had the power to summon dragons. If true, it could change everything.

Resurrecting the Arcaner path comes with consequences, however. Scandal. Malice. Treachery. And a harrowing test of character.

He must survive.
He must prove he’s worthy of an ancient path.
And he must save the kingdom . . . before it’s too late

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Arcane (The Arinthian Line, book 1)

by Sever Bronny

Warlocks before their time . . .

Fourteen-year-old Augum grew up with bullies instead of friends. In a kingdom where superstition trumped the written word, he fought loneliness by reading books and doing hard labor. It was a typical life for a gutter-born orphan.

Until a vicious tyrant burns it all to the ground.

After fleeing the inferno, Augum apprentices under a mysterious mentor and begins learning the forbidden art of magic. He even befriends Bridget and Leera, two passionate and quirky girls willing to give him a chance. Together they dare to train as warlocks.

But Augum’s mentor possesses a mythical artifact. When the tyrant suddenly turns up demanding it, the group is plunged into a harrowing ordeal, and Augum will have to use his newly learned spells to try to save the only thing he has left . . . a friendship forged in fire.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age



by John Noble

Devon had planned for a bad day. He’d said goodbye to his friends, his school… Planet Earth. Then his little sister lost her necklace, he tried to impress a cute girl, and – BOOM!


Now his ears are ringing, there’s a very disturbing hole in his arm, and from the look on her face, Melissa is not impressed. Oh yeah, that and the Chinese are plotting to destroy Medea Station.

Fortunately, he and Melissa have a new friend. Her name’s Kristina, and she’s with the CIA, so they’re fine. Granted, she did tranquilize a bunch of people, and she’s been un-ashamedly using them, but that’s what the CIA does… right?

At least he and Melissa are really connecting. Turns out staying alive is a great conversation starter. Add in getting vacuumed into space, kidnapping, blackmail, hand grenades…

Suffice to say they’ll have lots to talk about later.
Assuming there is a later.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Last Minder: The Chronicles of Majjen

by Fish Phillips

Benny’s brutal life experiences have left him damaged and weary. Despite his faith and rejected superpowers, the World War II hero just wants to die in peace.
A rogue alien scout has other plans in mind. He has spent centuries searching for someone like Benny to fulfill his clandestine mission.
Forced through time, Benny meets a twisted future Earth governed by alien plans for global tranquility. With the help of his caretaker android, he realizes the truth—everyone wants a piece of him, even if it means killing him.
To survive, Benny must restore his mind and embrace his power. Live or die, Benny’s ultimate destination holds an opportunity he never thought possible: the chance at redemption.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


Solomon’s Exile

by James Maxstadt

A legendary evil, war between great Houses, and a magic sword too powerful to use…

…and our hero doesn’t even remember who he is.

Solomon awakens in a filthy alley, dressed in rags and unable to remember anything about who he is or where he comes from. But he knows he doesn’t belong there, so he makes his way to Martinsburg, a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere.

As he attempts to settle in, he’s unaware that his new home is the focus of an ancient evil. But when his memory starts to return, Solomon realizes that he might be the only one who can stop the threat to both this world and his own.

In the meantime, his friends in the Greenweald, Solomon’s true home, are faced with a mad ruler and the destruction of a great House. Solomon is their only hope, and they hatch a desperate plan to bring him home.

Previously $2.99

Category: Dark Fantasy


The Cursed Diary of a Brooklyn Dog Walker

by Michael Reyes

There’s something strange going on in Brooklyn. Occult chants ring out in the dead of night from quaint brownstones and trendy coffee shops. The stench of blood-soaked orgies and human sacrifice wafts through yoga studios and food co-ops. The servants of the demon star have come to power. And they are hunting for the only soul that can destroy them.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Solar Storm

by Rob Lopez

A mother trapped in New York. A soldier trapped in the middle east. Both must find a way home after the biggest solar storm in history cripples the planet’s infrastructure and brings chaos in its wake.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


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