Duel of Fire

by Jordan Rivet

Dara is a competitive duelist in a fiery mountaintop kingdom. She’s on the verge of dueling glory when she’s asked to train with Prince Siv, the heir to the throne. Handsome, charming, and utterly infuriating, he refuses to take the sport—or her—seriously. When threats emerge from the shadows, with the careless prince as their target, Dara will have to raise her sword to protect him—but even her skill might not be enough to keep them both alive.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Time Bubble

by Jason Ayres

Two teenagers discover a portal in a railway underpass that transports people forward at time. At first it’s just a few seconds, but then the jumps get longer. Soon they are having to deal with the consequences of people disappearing for days or even years at a time.

The Time Bubble explores time travel from a refreshing new perspective – not just the experiences of the travelers themselves, but also the point of view of the people left behind. It is the first in a series which has since spawned a host of sequels and spin-offs.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

The Edinburgh Seer Complete Trilogy

by Alisha Klapheke

She thought hiding her sixth sense would solve everything. She was very, very wrong.

In a land divided by corruption and rebellion, Aini successfully manages her father’s altered candy lab alongside an apprentice—the mysterious, sexy Thane.

But life goes from sweet to sour when the most nefarious clan in Scotland abducts her father.

And the only way to rescue him is to risk using her sixth sense and stop fighting Fate.

Leap into USA Today bestselling author Alisha Klapheke’s unique, action-packed adventure, an urban fantasy series that fans of Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander will love!

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Prince’s Man

by Deborah Jay

Rustam Chalice, gigolo and spy, loves his life, so when the kingdom he serves is threatened from within, he leaps into action. Only trouble is, his spy master teams him up with an untouchable, beautiful aristocratic assassin who despises him. Plunged into a desperate journey across the mountains, the mismatched pair struggle to survive deadly wildlife, the machinations of a spiteful god – and each other.
They must also keep alive a sickly elf they need as a political pawn. But when the elf reveals that Rustam has magic of his own, he is forced to question his identity, his sanity and worst, his loyalty to his prince, for in Tyr-en, all magic users are put to death.
Think James Bond meets Lord of the Rings – a sweeping tale of spies and deadly politics, inter-species mistrust and magic phobia, with a pinch of romance.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Ascending (The Vardeshi Saga) (Volume 1)

by Meg Pechenick

Twenty-five years ago the Vardeshi came to Earth. Then they vanished without a trace. Graduate student Avery Alcott always knew they would return. When they do, she’s the only one who can speak their language. She’s quickly recruited to join the crew of an 11-man starship on a one-year mission into the depths of space. Avery leaps at the chance to leave behind everything she’s ever known. Wearing a Vardeshi uniform, adapting to their culture, following their orders, she’s as close to being one of them as she’ll ever be. But there’s more to interstellar diplomacy than knowing the right words to say. And shedding her identity turns out to be harder than she expected. When her ship, its crew, and the fragile human-Vardeshi alliance are threatened, Avery’s humanity—the very thing putting her at risk—just might be the one thing that can save her.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

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