The Power of Conviction

by Catrin Russell

Darkness creeps across the Midlands. The Priesthood must rise against its terrifying presence.

“A grim and bloody tale of faith, forbidden love and revenge. Will have you at the edge of your seat wishing for more!” – The Magic Book Corner *****

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Edge of Collapse Box Set Books 1-3

by Kyla Stone

“One of the best apocalyptic series of the year! Unputdownable!” -Book Riot

Don’t miss the riveting Collapse box set from USA Today Bestselling Author Kyla Stone.

In the dead of winter, an EMP attack destroys the U.S. power grid.
No electricity. No cars or phones. No way to call for help.

But for Hannah Sheridan, it’s the best day of her life. For the last five years, she’s been the captive of a sadistic psychopath—until the EMP releases the lock of her prison.

With the help of a reticent spec ops soldier, she escapes into a hostile winter wilderness, but her captor isn’t about to let her go…

When the country goes dark, ordinary people find themselves facing the end of the world as they know it. With society collapsing before their eyes, they’ll have to risk everything to protect their home and the people they love.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Dragon Keepers of Dumara

by Jessica Kemery

She doesn’t feel ready. He’s desperate for her help. Will an unexpected pair escape fire-breathing enemies in their hunt for the truth?

Mila dreams of following in her dad’s footsteps. As the daughter of her town’s only Dragon Keeper, she jumps into the challenging career after discovering the body of the creatures’ queen. And learning their shapeshifting secrets, she forms a potent bond with the grieving royal son… and boldly offers her services.

Can this intertwined couple defeat the dark forces hungry to cut their lives short?

The Dragon Keeper of Dumara is the riveting first book in The Dragon Keepers paranormal fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, sweet romance, and in-depth world-building, you’ll love Jessica Kemery’s voyage through the skies.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Waite on the Ripper Revised Edition

by John Campbell

The Battle between Good and Evil has a new name…

Harmon Waite is the son of the most powerful angel in the Universe.

He will undergo twelve trials by fire in an unrivaled hero’s journey.

If he is to survive, Harmon must discover his power to fight evil on the immense stage of “The Celestial Wars.”

Live or die—the soul-blessed worlds will never be the same.

Angels and fallen angels, devils and demons, good and bad gods, dwarves and elves, misunderstood dragons, a super-powered supporting cast of memorable characters, and one flawed but lovable superhero—these action-packed adventures take readers on a roller coaster ride down dark supernatural highways.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero

The Crucible

by Waldo Rodriguez

From the ashes of a dying world, a god will rise.

As an out of shape nerd, Gabriel Rivera had more pressing issues than outlandish things like godhood: Evacuating the city, joining the military, and protecting his family. Simple right?

Everything changed when the PAC invaded.

When the grim fate of his world is revealed, Gabriel joins the Reclaimer Project to save his family. A lowly F ranker, he’s weaker than even the worst recruits. Good thing he’s too stubborn for his own good.

Through blood and sweat Gabriel aims to grow stronger and rise above the rest.

Deadly traps lurk around every corner, mysterious factions move in the shadows, and dormant powers within him manifest in wild and dangerous ways.

Battered, bruised, and beaten, Gabriel refuses to stay down. For only in the fires of The Crucible are legends forged.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Hard Blokes Of Sparta

by Jamie Brindle

When three Spartan warriors are sucked into a mysterious and magical world, they have to help a group of adventures retrieve a magic item from a heavily-guarded dungeon. A fast-paced and hilarious fantasy novel.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History

The Empire’s Bladesmen: Forbidden Relics

by Clay Vagrant

Captain Shao Lian, a battle-hardened veteran of the Ming Dynasty’s imperial army, had become a respected officer in the emperor’s elite bodyguards.This notorious and politically-powerful secret service organization functioned as the emperor’s premiere intelligence agency and extension of his iron fist.

After Shao Lian was assigned to eliminate a ruthless crime lord after he had seized power over several frontier towns, he discovers that the Blood Foot Syndicate had awakened a powerful and terrifying adversary from a bygone era. Shao Lian and the soldiers in his command suddenly find themselves waging a harrowing war of survival against allied criminal gangs and an ancient being who commands hordes of monstrous man-eaters.

With the help of a Venetian scholar named Lilianna, they uncover a vast conspiracy that set ancient mechanisms into motion that threaten the 15th century world.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical