Murder in the Black Land

by Resa Nelson

Ancient Egypt meets our modern world in this historical fantasy.

How do you choose between love of your family and love of your country?

Queen Angelique is caught in a quandary. She has ruled The Black Land since the death of her husband, the pharaoh. She defied tradition by refusing to name her son Penaware as the next pharaoh, even though everyone knows he was too young and immature to rule.

Time is running out. Prince Penaware’s approaching birthday means he’ll come of age soon. The nation and the powerful priests who strongly influence it expect Angelique to proclaim Penaware the new pharaoh.

But there’s another option. She could break tradition once more and claim the title of pharaoh for herself. It’s never been done in modern times, and the priests will protest.

This modern-day novel is Inspired by historical events and the mythology of ancient Egypt.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical



by T.R. Magnus

Embrace the (B)light…
It has been fifty years since the sun died over Ashathar.

Blaike was born in the blight. As one of the “touched” he is devoid of power.

He is forbidden from following the Lightweaver Path.

The “touched” still serve the brightlands, working the mines to extract sunstone; to deliver it to the Lightweavers, the saviors, preservers, and rulers of Ashathar.

The largest sunstone ever extracted from the mines has been found. It could empower the brightlands for months. When it is discovered that someone stole the sunstone’s power, Blaike is exiled from the brightlands. Was he really to blame? Can he survive the blight? Or, is there a larger threat than the Lightweavers ever realized that could destroy Ashathar once and for all?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Heir to the Sundered Crown

by Matthew Olney

First in a series: The Kingdom of Delfinnia is plunged into darkness after its royal family is assassinated. When Luxon emerges as the first wizard in a century, he’ll have to join a band of noble allies and fulfill his destiny as the prophesied hero. Perfect for fans of Raymond E. Feist!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Reality Testing

by Grant Price

Carbon credit for sleeping on the job. That’s the offer a dreamtech puts to Mara Kinzig, and she jumps on it. After all, Berlin ain’t getting any cheaper.

Then somebody changes the deal while she’s dreaming in the tank.

Now Mara has a body on her hands, an extra voice in her head, and the law on her tail. Only the Vanguard, a Foreign Legion of outcasts in the dust between the city states, might be able to help her figure out what went wrong.

First, though, she’ll have to escape the seething city streets alive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Dante’s Gift

by Alexander Small

This is the ballad of Dante De Luca. At first, he seems like any other poverty stricken artist, clad in paint-speckled clothes and scuffed shoes, scraping a living on the streets of Napoli.

But appearances can be deceptive. Dante holds a gift that catapults him above all others on earth. An ability so astounding, so magnificent, it can barely be fathomed. His paintings aren’t just pretty depictions on canvas.

They are entire worlds…

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories