Seabound: The Beginning

by Maira Dawn

When the impossible is true…
A stunning stranger appears out of nowhere and pulls Sonora to the depths of the sea. There she finds something that shouldn’t exist—a city, centuries old.

When Ian drags Sonora to his home, little did he know who she really was—a granddaughter of the most hated man of his people. The one he has been tracking for decades.

A dangerous madman watches and waits for his chance to destroy in the name of science. Stopping him is the only way the world can survive.

Ian has his mission. Stop the killer. But Sonora will have to deal with the consequences.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Karda: Adalta Vol I

by Sherrill Nilson

From Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal Award and B.R.A.G Medallion winning author Sherrill Nilson:
On the beautiful world Adalta, an ancient alien emerges.
Young Marta is dropped to the planet for her first secret mission alone. How will she succeed when she must open up to magic she doesn’t believe in.
As cover for her mission, Marta joins the Mi’hiru, the all-female elite guard who patrol the skies on Karda and is claimed by a Karda, a majestic hawk-headed flying horse.
Arrows and swords are the only weapons allowed on Adalta. But she discovers illegal high-tech weapons smuggled from her ship.
The ancient alien, long thought defeated, uses a power-hungry nobleman to escape, and with the smuggled weapons they threaten all life on the planet.
To stop this threat, Marta reluctantly joins forces with handsome, arrogant Altan. As their connection grows, she struggles to keep her secrets.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Hunter: Adalta Vol II

by Sherrill Nilson

Born with powerful Talent in all three elements, a childhood tragedy blocks Tessa’s powers, destroying her dream of being a healer.
And when Kishar, the hawk headed flying Karda, chooses her to be a Hunter, she fears she will never recover her powers. But the Circles of Disorder are spreading, and Tessa must learn to kill the terrible creatures they spawn.
Handsome, arrogant Galen never felt responsible for anything before, never cared. But now burn-scarred and guilt ridden about smuggling hi-tech weapons to the low-tech Adalta, he is overcome by a puzzling sense of responsibility to the planet.
And on top of that, he develops frightening powers – powers to control plant life, to manipulate rocks and soil.
Can this be real?
Now, to fulfill an ancient prophesy, Tessa and Galen join the flying Karda to fight the minions of the Itza Larrak, who threatens all life on Adalta.

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The Vesik Series: Books 1-3

by Eric R. Asher

A crashed wedding. A scorned vampire. Here comes the blood…

Necromancer Damian Vesik is no hero. At least, not according to the magical community that turns a blind eye to his battles against evil. So he chalks it up as one more thankless mission when he’s forced to stop his vampire sister from murdering her ex’s entire bridal party…

Infiltrating the ceremony to protect the innocent, Damian uncovers something even more sinister than a massacre. With the help of his berserker fairy friend, he may need to prevent an unholy union between ancient demons and the walking dead.

Damian has one chance to stop his sister and ruin the wedding before one hell of an afterparty dooms the world.

If you like gritty action, undead enemies, and plenty of snark, then you’ll love Eric R. Asher’s heart-stopping tale.

Previously $6.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Alliance Trilogy

by Michael Wallace

The complete trilogy.

Captain Jess Tolvern of HMS Blackbeard is leading a Royal Navy expedition across long-dormant space lanes toward Old Earth when an alien fleet ambushes her battle cruiser. The aliens are Adjudicators, an ancient race whose ethos is to judge other species and reduce their survivors to a stone age existence.

Tolvern sends a desperate message back to headquarters and retreats with her damaged ship to friendly systems. By the time she returns, the aliens have already invaded Alliance territory with a powerful fleet of star fortresses and accompanying dragoon ships, trapping and laying siege to the allied fleet.

While repairing her ship, Tolvern cobbles together a squadron of damaged allied warships, former raiders, and the local survivors of an Adjudicator attack to drive off the alien fleet.

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Swordsman’s Lament

by G.M. White

When a prince is murdered, a legendary swordsman stands accused.

The King wants blood . . .

and loyalty counts for nothing.

Belasko thought he was beyond intrigues and machinations. But when the grief-stricken King demands vengeance, Belasko discovers he is expendable. His options are clear… find the real killer or satisfy the royal bloodlust.

With the forces of the palace mobilised against him he is thrust into the city’s bleak underbelly and must fight to discover the truth. With betrayal around every corner he must form unlikely alliances. Can the veteran warrior survive long enough to protect his friends and prove his innocence?

Join Belasko on a fast-paced fantasy adventure as he hunts the real killer, from courtly intrigue to the depths of the city’s criminal underworld, and learns the true meaning of The Swordsman’s Lament.

Previously $2.99

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Category: Fantasy – Historical



by Martin E. Silenus

Daria is stunningly beautiful, she is brilliant, she is a hologram, and she is a Sentient Artificial Intelligence computer program! Matt is looking for a partner that can watch his back during his Bounty Hunter endeavors. It never occurred to him that his partner might be a female Artificial Intelligence system. A super human AI entity that learns, recognizes, monitors, controls, evaluates, and recommends at levels that humans could only envy. DARIA is an Archangel and 10 years ahead of anything even visualized by DARPA. He is stunned by her beautiful holograph. She is thirty something, maybe five foot six inches tall, 110 lbs. or so, soft blond shoulder length hair, wearing a dark blue business suit, looking very healthy and fit. D.A.R.I.A or “D” as he nicknames her blows him away as he finds her extremely attractive. Matt soon forgets D is an AI system and becomes emotionally involved.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


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