Deadly Wands

by Brent Reilly

A powerful orphan with deadly wands and killer instincts must learn from the best to defeat Genghis Khan before he slaughters his way to global conquest. Only by mastering ancient wands that enable flight and shoot fireballs can he save humanity from world tyranny. But the price he pays is as high as his flight ceiling. Expect killer characters, visually stunning aerial duels, and massive sky battles.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Meeting Eve. (Circle Star Adventure Series Book 1)

by Atucim Sanumar

A new world, a new opportunity. Coming from a place where war and fighting is as common as a morning dew in the morning, TC is powerful enough to take on even the mightiest of foe. Having no coins to his name, he needs to register at the Guild in order to start doing Quests and earn money. However, things are not as simple as they appear at first.
It turns out, he needs to have a female companion with him, otherwise TC won’t be able to register or take on any Quests.
TC goes to the Summoning Temple where he meets Eve, a cute forest nymph, whose charming personality and innocent seductiveness throws TC in all kinds of embarrassing situations. However, as cute and as charming Eve is, TC seems to be more interested in doing Quests than become close with her.
What kind of past does TC have? Will Eve be able to break the wall between them and find a way to his heart? Read on and find out.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by John Triptych

Beneath the icy surface of Callisto lies an underground sea. In the near future, a research outpost was built to study the strange lifeforms that inhabited this silent world before tragedy struck, resulting in the death of its entire crew. News of this incident was quickly hushed up, and all access to this Galilean moon immediately restricted.

Kirill Sereda became orphaned after his mother went missing in that very outpost. Now an adult, he gathers together a team of misfits for a clandestine mission: head to Callisto and find out what really happened.

What they uncover is a profound enigma that sheds light on humanity’s true origins, and its revelation could bring about our ultimate extinction.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Charassi’s Fae Queen: Books 1 – 3

by Ava Richardson

When a dragon crashes through a portal near her Texas high school, Ophelia Monroe can barely believe her eyes. Dragons and magic are just fairy tales, right?

But when the dying monarch dragon named Sun in the Black Sky bonds with the shocked teenager, Ophelia discovers they are very real…and very deadly. Before she can make sense of what happened, Ophelia is dragged into a magical realm of intrigue and deception. A world where her dragon bond marks her as Queen of the Fae.

Faced with scheming courtiers and political intrigue, Ophelia will need all the help she can get to defend her throne. But deadly secrets lurk in the shadowy corners of her realm: walking corpses, dark magic, and a puppet master determined to seize power once and for all.

And if Ophelia can’t stop their sinister plan, she and her new subjects will pay the ultimate price…

Books 1-3 of the Fae Queen series.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Towers of Acalia: The Reincarnated Core Volume I

by Atlas Kane

I’ve been reborn as a cultivator with a broken core. Time to save the world.

Thankfully, the spirit who reincarnated me modified my core with a rune of power. Now, each time I ascend to a higher level, I can add a new rune, enhancing my strength.

But this gift was given with a condition: If I don’t climb and conquer the Towers of Acalia, this new world will fall into ruin. Plenty of obstacles stand in my way.

Raging Spirit Beasts. Tower summoned monsters. Rival cultivators. But by bonding myself to gorgeous women warriors, I can ascend and grow strong enough to take on the seven towers.

Gods help anyone who stands in my way.

This Light Novel includes:
Isekai / Portal Fantasy
Cultivation Gamelit / Lite LitRPG
Spell Crafting
Interior Art
Progression Fantasy Leveling System and Skills
Spells and Magic
Slow Burn Harem

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Category: Science Fiction – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Archangel: The Book of Mammon

by Black Mike

A special agent with a secret.
A detective with a score to settle.
Can they come together in time to stop a demon given untold power by the greed of millions?

Michael is a special agent in charge of an anti-terrorism unit. When a case leads him into a strange world of spirits and demons, revealing his own angelic heritage, Michael never wavers, following the trail where it leads.

Sara can’t see what Michael sees, but when his case proves to be linked to a murder she is investigating, she cannot help but be drawn in as well. As she and Michael get closer to finding answers, a specter from her past rears its ugly head.

As Michael is drawn deeper and deeper into the secret world of demons and spirits, he finds he is pulling Sara in with him. As they draw closer to one another, and the secrets of their past lives reach out to claim them, can Michael and Sara save each other?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban