by Patrick Abbott

Intelligence Officer Brendan Sean Murphy has served his country on the Middle East and Central Asia battlefields. However, his hard-won successes overseas came at the cost of failures at home. These events have drained his soul, leaving him racked with PTSD.

However, his life changes when he intervenes to stop an anti-alien terrorist attack on the subway. Now, he is thrust into interstellar politics with the government naming him an intelligence attaché to the Sabia, a race that closely guards its own secrets.

Militias, corrupt politicians, and countries seeking military aid from the Sabia challenge Brendan’s mission. On top of this, a medical mystery complicates the balance. Brendan’s only chance at success involves accepting the impossible and unutterable. Only then can he learn the secrets in this Fallen world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Dark Nebula: Generations

by Sean Willson

In the future, he’s immortalized as an A.I. Now, he’s plotting Earth’s course for centuries… and perhaps sending them all to their doom.

Harold Olivaw believes valiantly in humanity’s grand destiny. Astounded by the alien probe he’s unearthed beneath the ice of Antarctica, the aspirational scientist sets into motion a secret mission to push humankind to its limits.

With interstellar forces amassing and human beings ignorant of cosmic power plays, aliens and homo sapiens will soon clash in an epic war like no other…

As the stage emerges for the greatest threat of all time, will anyone emerge unscathed?

Dark Nebula: Generations is the all-revealing third book in the Dark Nebula space opera series. If you like answers to serial mysteries, getting into the enemy’s head, and era-spanning explorations, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s mind-blowing saga.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Tomb of Malevolent Evil Complete Series Boxed Set

by Kevin Mclaughlin

Game night will never be the same again for Terry, Jewel, Mandy, and Morgan.

The role-playing gamers thought they were getting together for a gaming session. Now they’ve been summoned into another reality.

A reality that is dangerous and deadly to them. Here they can’t just roll a new character and keep playing.

Get the complete series and join the gamer crew as they Roll For Initiative.

The reality they’ve been summoned to looks and feels an awful lot like the games they’re used to playing.

But this is no game, and the Power that brought them here has plunged the players into a life or death battle. They must defeat their enemies and escape the dungeon, or die trying.

When the game becomes all too real, it’s time to roll the dice and play for keeps.

Can they forge a strong enough team to win through the challenges to come?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Countdown To Oblivion

by Shaka Bry

Vesta, an asteroid of mammoth proportions, is on a collision course with Earth. An unavoidable annihilation countdown permeates pre-apocalyptic life. For Rain, a 16-year-old girl in coastal Maine, the end couldn’t be coming at a worse time.

And then the Internet goes dark…
And the electric grid collapses…
And people across the globe trade civility for shared, terrified anarchy…

With our destruction a foregone conclusion, society devolves into feral madness.

As if this isn’t enough to reckon with, Rain’s about to uncover yet another inconceivable bit of information:

She might be descended from aliens.

Rain takes refuge with Ang, a lifelong friend and able-bodied ally. But might he be harboring secrets of his own?

Until humanity meets the same fate as the dinosaurs, the countdown will continue, clocking away our very existence.




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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Steel Queen

by Karen Azinger

For fans of Wheel of Time and Game of Thrones comes a truly epic, action-packed fantasy with stunning female leads. “Her characters will haunt you, the plot will keep your heart racing, and the exquisite prose has a magic of its own. The action is fast and intense, tantalizing, and cinematic…” Readers’ Favorite. Totally binge-worthy, this epic saga is a thrilling tale of knights and swords, battles and betrayals, sorcery and seduction.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Flame Priest

by Karen Azinger

The compelling second book of the Silk & Steel Saga, Heralded by a red comet, the Mordant is Reborn. A thousand years of evil hidden beneath a young man’s face, the Mordant returns in the guise of his oldest enemy. Keen to regain his full powers, he weaves his way north, sowing a trail of death and deceit. Kath and her companions leave the monastery, chasing an elusive shadow across the kingdoms of Erdhe, but the dark divide has already begun. Allies are set against allies, tearing the kingdoms asunder. A rebellion rises in Lanverness, threatening the queen’s life as well as her crown. Trapped within her own castle, the Spider Queen must out-wit the traitors led by her own blood, or surrender her kingdom to Darkness.

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Call Me Obie

by Ateret Haselkorn

Call Me Obie explores the future of discrimination and the timeless power of empathy and forgiveness, with a few comedic mishaps along the way. It is the tale of one young woman’s coming-of-age in a future where nearly anything is medically possible and society must ask: When technology can modify humans, who gets to decide how?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian