Dark Monolith

by F.P. Spirit

Deadly weapons from the Thrall Wars have resurfaced, ones that could spell doom for the land of Thac. With the entire world at stake, Ravenford’s young heroes must find the monolith of the Golem Thrall Master hidden somewhere in the depths of the mysterious Darkwoods. Can they stop them from falling into the wrong hands, or will the whole world be plunged into darkness?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Kiss Kill

by Dan Noble

I write things. And then they happen.

I had heard of a woman in New York, who had managed to blur the lines between fiction and reality, who’d warped the natural order somehow. My research on this woman never brought up anything definitive. But she’d disappeared and there were claims by a mysteriously named Dr. P, that she’d managed to focus her mind’s participation in a story to such a strong degree that she’d actually been physically absorbed into it. Given my guilt (however ridiculous) over having apparently written Olivia’s death into reality, I’d become obsessed with the idea. This is not the kind of thing I would share with anyone. Especially Gav. And mostly I didn’t believe it, but lately, I could see how—in the right circumstances, with the right person—such a thing could, maybe happen.

Welcome to the book realm.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


Fairy Queens Series Books 1-4

by Amber Argyle

“A captivating series!” ~Jennifer A. Nielsen, NYT bestselling author, The False Prince

In the Fairy Queens Saga, each book features a mortal who makes an ill-fated bargain with the fae to save someone they love – a bargain which draws them into an immortal war. By the final books, those mortals find themselves pitted against each other in a race to save a dying world.

Betrayal. Dark Magic. War. Will Otec survive long enough to warn his people of the coming invasion?

As winter’s chill freezes her heart and soul, will Ilyenna be able to hold onto love to keep her humanity?

There is one rule above all others: never make a deal with the fae. Nelay is about to break that rule.

Bargains. Only the desperate need them. Only the desperate make them. And always, the desperate pay.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Aaron Hodges

In 2052, teenagers are vanishing, spirited away in the night to be used in deadly government experiments. For two years, seventeen year old Liz has been pursued across rural California, always just one step ahead of the hunters. Now, with another icy winter approaching, she seeks refuge in the city of Sacramento.
It’s her first mistake–and her last.
The next thing Liz knows, she’s waking up in an iron cage. Trapped and helpless, her only consolation is she’s not alone. Sadly, Liz can’t imagine how a scrawny boy from the city is going to help her escape the government’s clutches, let alone their cages…

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary


by Aaron Hodges

Chris and Liz have survived the trials of the Praegressus Project, but that was just the beginning. The vile experiments have altered their physiology – granting them superhuman strength and speed. Oh, and wings. Now, lost in the Californian mountains, they must master their newfound abilities and find a way back to civilisation. But they are not alone in the wilderness. In the chaos of their escape, the Chead were also freed. Deadly, barely human, they stalk the darkness, hunting…

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