Dragon’s Future

by Kandi J. Wyatt

“Ever ridden a dragon? You’re about to, so hold on tight! Dragon’s Future is quite the ride!” ~Ridley Pearson, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Trapped in a boring life, Carryl longs for something different. With the death of a dragon rider, she realizes her dream of becoming a rider herself. But first she must save the despondent dragon’s life.

Ruskya has settled into his new role as a dragon rider. A sinister rider has attacked the colony. The fate of all that Ruskya holds dear lies in his hands.

Ruskya and Carryl step into leadership roles to defend the colony and their village. Now they battle dragons and their own insecurities. They’ll need the courage of a dragon to defeat their enemies or die tying.

Dragon’s Future is the fabulous first book in the coming of age fantasy series Dragon Courage.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon

by Delas Heras

“Morton Digby’s world is one that readers will want to visit again and again…. With a surprising mix of hard-boiled drama and cartoon comedy, Delas Heras spins an enchanting tale of life, death and afterlife in The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon.”—IndieReader

“Anthropomorphic cats and dogs living in 1950s New York is a tricky conceit to pull off, and the author does so with flair… the story does a deft job making light entertainment of a tale filled with murder and vengeful criminals.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This fun, fast-paced mystery adds a fantastic twist to adult detective fiction as furry protagonists in an alternative New York City seek justice in life and the afterlife.”—Blueink Reviews

“It is a fun, often hilarious alternate world hosting a story that brims with clever puns.”—Foreword Clarion Reviews

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Least Significant

by Ron Corriveau

An alien thief has escaped to Earth with an object of critical importance to his planet.

With the authorities close behind, the thief plans to hide by blending in among the people. However, his native form would make him stand out, so he’ll need to borrow a human body.

And he has a specific one in mind.

Catherine and Marcus are a young couple enjoying the evening of their engagement downtown when Marcus suddenly vanishes in a burst of shimmering lights. Unable to explain his disappearance, a mysterious man soon approaches Catherine, who tells her the thief he is chasing has taken over Marcus’ body.

Unsure whether to believe him, Catherine reluctantly agrees to help when she learns the man can return Marcus to his body. But, as they begin to close in on the thief, Catherine uncovers a shocking truth about Marcus and the alien planet more fantastic than she ever imagined.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Hamlet, Prince of Robots

by M. Darusha Wehm

Something is rotten in the state of cybernetics. A beat-by-beat retelling of the Shakespeare classic, Hamlet, Prince of Robots grapples with conscience, ambition, and pain, and what it means to be, or not to be, human.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The First Fear

by M.S. Olney

The Supreme rules the world with an iron fist, and the people of her Imperium live in fear of her power. Dreams of freedom are long dead for most, and those who could challenge her rule are in hiding. Elian is a young man living at the edge of the Imperium who discovers he has powers that could change everything.

After an incident reveals his abilities, Elian is forced to flee from the Supreme’s deadliest agent. Along the way, he meets a group of rebels led by a charismatic leader who believes that the key to overthrowing the Supreme lies in the ruins of the once-mighty Kingdom of Aeranyth. Can Elian survive long enough to help the rebels, or will he die trying?

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Temple of Arrival

by M.S. Olney

Betrayed. Hunted. The Liberators defiant stand at the city of Asta has sparked the fires of resistance in the downtrodden people. Slaves, serfs and even members of the aristocracy have risen against the regime and flock to the Liberator banner. As conflict spreads across the world, the Supreme’s gaze is fixated on Elian more than ever. Reeling from his mentor’s betrayal and battle with the First Fear he is hunted relentlessly by Hollowed and Venerable Chamber Seekers. The only person who can help Elian is a mysterious Empowered One–who he’s not even sure he can trust. Terrible secrets await. Secrets about himself. Secrets that could herald the end of all things. Temple of Arrival is the second book in the exciting Empowered Ones fantasy series.

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