The Seven Hungers

by Morgan Quaid

A demonic sovereign from the world below has emerged into the human world, and authorities must turn to censured sorcerer Ambrose Drake and his Hungerborn companion for aid.
The Seven Hungers is a fast-paced fantasy thriller which blends sorcery, horror elements and the exploration of dark new worlds with intense emotional struggle.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Order of Chaos: In dreams do secrets lie

by Ben J Henry

In this first book of the trilogy, Alicia is on the hunt for her younger brother, a blind twelve-year-old who was kidnapped two years ago. In her mother’s bedroom, Alicia finds a list of names and fears what choices her mother has been forced to make in her search for David. Investigating the names with her neighbour, Gus, Alicia discovers that her answers lie beyond the waking world. Through the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, Gus and Alicia access an immaterial realm in which your thoughts are laid bare and survival depends on the strength of your will.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Spells & Caramels Magical Mysteries: The Complete Series

by Erin Johnson

The complete series!
10 full-length paranormal mystery novels.
Over 3,000 pages.
One delightfully witchy series you’ll never want to end.
Twenty-nine-year-old Imogen Banks is hashtag struggling.

After a disaster ends her career, she enters a baking contest for an all-or-nothing, last ditch chance at getting her life together.

But when she arrives at the mysterious island off the coast of France, she discovers all the inhabitants of the quaint town are magical and if she wins the contest, she’ll become the next royal baker at the castle on top of the hill. No worries that the last royal baker appears to have been murdered.

And one more small thing– Imogen herself is a witch!

As she struggles to learn new spells and wrangle a snarky magical flame into baking her desserts, a fellow contestant drops dead with all evidence making Imogen the top suspect.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Joseph Hagen

Their fun getaway turned into a nightmare. When a young man is cursed by the very creatures who killed his brother, can he evade a fate of bloodlust?

Alan Driggers is frustrated with the never-ending tedium of summer vacation. So the seventeen-year-old is thrilled to head on a camping trip with his brother and friends, away from the adults. But when a wolfpack attacks and slaughters everyone but him, the panicked boy barely escapes after slashing a fiend with a silver knife…

Nursing his wounds, the grieving teen is terrified when a werewolf shows up with a grim challenge: do battle with the pack leader, or your parents will die. And now shocked to learn he’ll turn into a savage monster at the next full moon, he teams up with a beautiful witch as she uses her magic to help him win the fight, cure his terrible affliction, and mete out bloody vengeance.

Can Alan break his curse?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Lumera Expedition: Survive (Science Fiction Thriller)

by Jona Sheffield

The world is on the brink of destruction. Will humanity survive by fleeing to the stars?

In 2042, there is only one season left: summer. Food has become increasingly scarce, diseases are spreading, and more people die every day. Now, in a frantic attempt to save mankind, the Government wants to inject all citizens with brainbots to protect against diseases.
Julia Jennings, billionaire heiress and freedom fighter, suspects that there is more to it. Her father, Peter Jennings, experiences the consequences of this intervention himself in a dramatic way. FBI Agent John Stanhope is also unsure whether the state can avert the climate apocalypse. The last hope of mankind could be gigantic, ark-like spaceships, which embark for another solar system. Destination: Lumera. Arrival time: the 24th century.

Can humanity save itself and ensure its continued existence? Or is it its own greatest enemy?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Vault

by L. Wood

Nineteen-year-old Harper has been trapped in a secret underground facility for the last five years. Memories of her prior life are gone, she’s forced to train for combat, and after being condemned as an experimental test subject, an electrifying power begins to rise within her.

Harper finally escapes, but not all of her friends get out. Unsure if she’ll be able to remember who she is or control her new power, she must find and save her friends from the clutches of the man who incarcerated her before they fall too far into his operations—and before she’s captured again.

With the help of a mysterious, fiercely protective—and handsome—police officer and a crew of determined allies, Harper fights to figure out who’s behind the Vault and to get justice. But the more she learns, the more she realizes there’s more to the story, and her background, than she had ever dreamed possible.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Immurement of Injustice

by D. B. Goodin

A hack-driven takeover. A critical mission. Can she level up against hostile forces before she’s fatally disconnected?

Josephine “Jet” Smith needs an escape. Stuck as an isolated wheelchair-user whose boyfriend is MIA, the once-highly ranked gamer resets as a new character in her favorite virtual world. And when the Dungeon Master is attacked and shadowy external powers close in, the talented player logs right into a battle to protect the realm from destruction.

With magical attacks targeting key PCs, Jet doubles down and activates a quest to find the six pillars that hold the cyber universe together. But as ruthless enemies target her online and digital dangers supernaturally transform people into real-life corpses, the determined young woman fears every glitch could cause final termination.

Can Jet outplay a cheating evil before she’s permanently shut off?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary