Ten Sigma

by A. W. Wang

A dying woman’s consciousness is put into a virtual universe, but to return to the real world and her family in a new body, she must conquer unimaginable odds by winning an impossible series of battles or die trying…

Mature readers only: intense combat, graphic violence, horror elements, some sex, some language.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Bloody Queen

by Theophilus Monroe

Hell hath no fury like a witch-turned-vampire scorned…

My long-dead vampire brother has returned from hell.

He’s challenged my right to the vampire throne.

He brought a hellhound with him.

Every time hellbeast kills, the bastard gets stronger.

He’s unstoppable. Stronger and faster than any vampire I’ve ever encountered.

Have I finally met my match?

On top of that, my ex-vampire lover is on a tear.

I need to rally every vampire I can find.

I’ve teamed up with Prince Ladinas and the Vampire Underground.

These vampires aren’t much for the democratic processes of the Vampire Council. They need a bloody queen—and I’m just the bitch for the job.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Thralls of a Tyrant God

by Mars G. Everson

A Dark Fantasy Epic, The God Engine trilogy is the start of a unique and exciting universe, perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere and Steven Erikson’s The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

What would you sacrifice to be free?
For Senn, former slave turned rebel leader and now the powerful Herald of the Lord of Greed, the answer was everything. He thought he had left hope behind forever. But when a ghostly child with sparkling blue eyes appears to him, Senn’s loyalty is tested. His own God and army turn against him, forcing him to flee into the harsh desert wasteland alone and powerless.

But as he searches for revenge and a new source of power, he must confront his past, including the woman he left behind at the mercy of his enemies. Will his blood-soaked path lead him to redemption or to destroy everything he ever cherished?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by J. P. Redding

From the halls of D.C. to the remote shores of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, OFF GRID is a wild ride through a dystopian near future of mass surveillance. In the wake of a global calamity, the economy collapses. The Feds respond by wielding every power of the Welfare State to control the populace. A key tool is PivPal, an indispensable smartphone used to track citizens. As civil liberties crumble, resistance is relegated to flyover country whose residents—derided as off-gridders—cling to the time-honored virtues of freedom, self-reliance, and charity. Against this backdrop, Jenny Hernandez struggles to keep her rural church community nourished and safe. Hiding from the Feds, a team of inventors, and Jenny’s ex, arrive to complete the amazing plasma drive. They bring hope, but also the watchful eye of Big Brother. With the authorities closing in, local law enforcement must choose sides.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Genesis Echo: Book 1: Monomyth

by D. Hollis Anderson

For the past 70,000 years, Earth has been used as a prison for the Human species. In that time atmospheric conditions and life sustaining resources on the planet have been depleted at an astonishing pace. Marooned and stripped of their memory, the vast majority of Humanity has been left to die on a suffocating world.

Blocked from accessing the Source by a device built on their planet’s single orbiting moon, the people on Earth have forgotten their way. The Greys closely monitor their every action. Every facet of society is controlled, warped. And all the while Greys throughout the galaxy are tuned in – watching on entertainment streams, their favorite reality TV.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


by Alexa Weik von Mossner

In a near-future ravaged by climate change, a man tasked with keeping New York City alive falls for a woman determined to protect its most vulnerable creatures. Jake and Shavir are like Romeo and Juliet, only that Jake works for Homeland Security and Shavir is an eco-terrorist from the wrong side of the East River. Set in a dystopian world in which global supply chains break down due to cascading disasters, causing life-threatening medical and food shortages around the world, Fragile tells a compelling story about love, loss, and connection against all odds.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Chiral Agent Series

by L.L. Richman

First, they stole his identity. Now, they want him dead.

Shadow Recon pilot Micah Case awakens above an alien world, with no memory of his past and a mysterious voice inside his head. Worse, his own military is hunting him… and he has no idea why.

His genetic code could destroy all life.

The voice leads to a discovery so unbelievable, enemy nations would kill to control it — to control him. Now, Micah must use every skill in his arsenal to secure the stolen research.

The stakes are impossibly high, but failure is not an option. The alternative could mean the extinction of a people Micah can no longer call his own. Humanity.

WINNER OF THE 2021 Reader’s Favorite Book Award for Science Fiction

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Category: Science Fiction – Military