Drakon Book I: The Sieve

by C.A. Caskabel

“I am here to redeem the lives of my wife and daughter. I’ve brought the offering.”
Thus said Da-Ren, the Devil’s First Blade at the gates of the Castlemonastery; His only offering, a jar of honey.
This is his story, as transcribed by the monk Eusebius, as ordered by the Emperor himself.
Book I chronicles Da-Ren’s early years, growing up in a tribe of archers and pagan witches. He enters the Sieve, the forty-day initiation trial that determines the fate of every boy and girl. Many of his comrades will fall, the strong will join the warriors, an elite few will be marked for leadership.
Da-Ren learns to obey the Truths, to hate all other tribes, and to conquer fear. And yet there is one trial that will bring him to his knees. The Goddess’s favorite daughter. “Brown-haired, brown-eyed. Brown was the first color of the day.”

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Accidental Thief

by Jamie Davis

An Everyday Gamer, Stuck in the Game.

Hal Dix was stuck in an unlucky life. His wife is a successful executive while his IT help desk job leads nowhere. Even his daughter’s daycare teacher thinks he’s a loser. Hal can’t catch a break.

Now a strange woman at a flea market sells Hal a bootleg release of a highly anticipated game. It is just what he wished for and he can’t wait to play it during his long weekend home alone. His luck has finally turned around, right?

Hal should be careful what he wishes for.

Join the adventure in this first book of an epic LitRPG fantasy trilogy. Play along with Hal and his new friends in Fantasma, as he becomes an Accidental Thief.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Accidental Warrior

by Jamie Davis

Return to the Game for A Friend in Need

Hal Dix had success here after his initial trip to Fantasma. He leveled up in both his job and at home. Everything was going fine in his life.

Then, the old mage, Tildi, showed up again. His friend was in trouble and only he could help. Hal didn’t want to be a hero. He also wasn’t the sort of fellow to leave a comrade behind.

Join the adventure in the second book of the Accidental Traveler LitRPG fantasy trilogy. Play along with Hal and his friends in Fantasma, as he becomes the Accidental Warrior, and discovers his place as the mythical opponent of prophecy.

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Forgotten Gods

by CM Raymond and LE Barbant

The gods are real…and they’re a##holes.

Thousands of years ago, ancient deities fought a civil war that nearly destroyed the earth. They were defeated by a great warrior—and banished to spend eternity beyond the reach of the humans who once served them.

Their war is raging once again.

And once again, it will require a great hero to save humanity.

Unfortunately for humanity, I’m that hero.

My name is Vic Stratton. I’m no saint, but I’m the best chance we’ve got at surviving the chaos about to be unleashed. But hey, at least I have my good looks, a quick tongue, and the sword of the gods on my side.

And I’m going to need it. Because when the gods return, all hell will break loose.


Forgotten Gods is a fast paced adventure series with a novel take on the Urban Fantasy genre.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

What Remains

by Catherine Moeschet

What if you worked in illegal organ trafficking?

And what if you learned that the cells in the body parts you illegally harvest hold the memories of the deceased donors from which they’re taken, allowing personality traits of the donors to emerge in the people who receive them?

That’s the situation in which Anthony Rossi, a cutter for an illegal organ ring, finds himself. But things only get worse when his fiancee is tragically killed, leading him to track down a woman who receives organs from her, in hopes that he hasn’t lost the love of his life forever.

But things take a dark turn when Anthony finds that, not only can cells from donated tissues remember and communicate, but they’re really pissed…

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Rogue Justice

by TW Gallier

Life is tough on Earth’s huge Lagrange 5 penal colony. Harley O’Conner is a cop. Her beat is Delta Sector, Lower Philly. She’s dedicated her life to cleaning it up, and she’s doing a fine job of it, too. The department’s top brass might not like her methods, but she gets the job done.

Then it all goes wrong. Her partner is killed. Murdered. Slaughtered.

The political types and police brass want to brush it under the rug. But Harley’s not a turn the other cheek kind of girl. Sergeant Harley O’Connor is going to get true justice, and no one’s going to stop her.

With her new partner, Jean-Rene Ruisseau, she takes the fight to the bad guys. Mobsters, hit men, street gangs, not even crooked politicians can stop this rogue cop from getting her justice. Harley’s about to teach them that vengeance is as cold as hard vacuum.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Hunted (A Seventeen Series Novel Book 1)

by A.D. Starrling

“They call me the half-breed.
The first time they killed me, I was ten.
They’ve been hunting me all my life.

It’s time I stopped running.”

The epic first installment in AD Starrling’s bestselling supernatural thriller series. If you like high-octane, fast-paced adventures that combine science and fantasy, then you’ll love the world of Seventeen.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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