The Gemini Connection

by Teri Polen

Planet Tage is dying, and the best hope of saving it is gone.

Seventeen-year-old identical twins Evan and Simon share an extraordinary bond, a trait that’s both useful and invasive. They use their connection in their work at Scientific Innovations. Evan is a Mindbender, someone who enters the minds of scientists to spark ideas, join thoughts, and battle nightmares. Simon is a science prodigy and Tage’s best chance of survival.

Unfortunately, their unusual link often bleeds into their private lives. When Evan discovers his brother is keeping a secret from him, he lashes out and ignores requests to talk, and even pleas for help. By the time Evan tunes back in, he finds their connection severed and Simon missing.

Evan finds allies among enemies and adversaries among friends. If he fails, he’ll lose both his brother and his world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Queen’s Opal

by Jacque Stevens

A coming war. A mysterious curse. Can a shy bookworm save the world? After their mother dies from a mysterious curse, two elves leave the forest to find answers and inadvertently restart an old war between elves and humans. Epic teen fantasy for fans of Shannara and Eragon.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Ever Strange (Legal Magick 1)

by Alisa Woods

Agent Zane Walker’s magick is monstrous, and Ever Strange brings out his beast—together they have to stop an epidemic of overdoses that might be cover for a serial killer.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

UKD Trilogy: UK Dark 1-3

by Chris Harris

“What would happen if……?”
Many people ask themselves the question, but how many actually do something about it?
Tom lives in Birmingham, England with his family. After asking himself the question and researching what could happen, he decided it wouldn’t do any harm to be a little bit prepared. Just in case.
He discovers the world is going to be hit by a massive Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, which will turn the whole planet dark.
He only has a few days to get ready.
Will they survive?
People want what they have, but is he prepared to kill to protect it?

Previously $7.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Whispers in the Void (Descendants of Terra Book 1)

by Lee Zagrzebski

There are whispers in the void; they herald the coming Void War. Eight millennia after splitting the atom, humanity’s children spread to the stars and diverged evolutionarily, a sentient species divided. The descendants of Terra must now face the consequences, a reckoning of their own creation.

At the Star City Hav’E’Na, four will face a crucible where the consequences of their actions will affect the fate of billions. Four people, with four different stories, discover their actions can alter the course of history.

And we come. We come from far and wide. We come from above and below. We come to save the galaxy.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

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