The Cursebound Thief

by Megan O’Russell

The world wants a hero. The curse needs a thief.

A girl with a soul of fire.
A vampire bound by a vow.
A werewolf bent on revenge.
A knight torn between honor and duty.
A hacker to keep them all alive.

The fate of magic lies in their hands―if they can survive long enough to pull off the heist of the century.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Time for PsyQ

by Marti Ward

The building of the hadron collider was once big news, but now it is just part of the scenery for most of the community, until Airlie and other children start showing unusual gifts. Airlie uses her psi abilities to solve a number of mysteries and crimes at her school and in her neighborhood – and comes to the attention of Inspector Jonathan Humble of Minor Crimes.

Towards the end of the school year, Airlie gets two intriguing invitations: an offer of a scholarship to a new middle school with ‘opportunity classes’ in exotic subjects like Quantum Psychology, and a free place at a summer camp run by Inspector Humble. The two invitations and her psionic powers are clearly connected, and Airlie can’t resist the opportunity to learn more about her gifts and to meet others with psyq powers at the camp.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


The Spy in the Silver Palace

by Jordan Rivet

“If you’re looking for political intrigue, magic, adventure, and a hint of romance, look no further!”

Mica can change her face to resemble anyone. She dreams of using her Mimic skills on daring spy missions in enemy territory. Instead, she’s sent to work for a frivolous young princess in the Windfast Empire’s capital.

Infiltrating tea parties and collecting palace gossip makes Mica want to kill someone—preferably the princess herself—but she soon learns there’s more to this world than extravagant parties.

When her fellow Talents start disappearing, Mica gets caught up in a web of courtly intrigues and treacherous secrets. She must use her abilities to uncover the hidden foe lurking in the imperial palace—before she disappears too.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


A Low Country

by Morgan Shank

When Claws raid Sharla’s town and take her lover, Renn, she’ll ride to take him back. This means a trip across the tablelands, a place of bandits, mages, and monsters…but she knows she needs to keep things small. The more allies she has, the more she risks a future knife between the ribs. After all, this is Low Country.

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Category: Dark Fantasy



by Austin Finch

STRINGS is an action-packed, existential sci-fi horror that challenges the very mythos of the cosmos. Beyond space and time, beyond the gods of reality, something was consuming it all.

Daniel was lost; torn from his own reality and trapped in a violent universe of old gods, enigmas, and decay. The corporeality around him no longer followed the logic of time or physics, and the threat to his life was becoming more real with each breath.

A mysterious condition, known only as The Syndrome, threatens the existence of four remaining deities. As his sanity unravels and dissolves like the rotting flesh of the nightmarish beast that hunted him, Daniel must fight to understand the truth of his significance to these gods. Only then may he find a way out of these convolutions of reality before his own mind succumbs to madness.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Goblin Wars Tor’s Adventures

by GF Haraldson

In a medieval world humans struggle to survive onslaughts of goblins, orcs, and other creatures. The story centers around a young man, Tor and his friends. He takes on a task for an intriguing merchant, that turns out to be a wizard with ties to a strong guild. Tor and his friends are thrust into battles with the goblins that may lead to a new goblin war. Will Tor and his friends be able to prevent the new conflict, and will they all survive? first three chapters are free

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Category: Fantasy – Epic