Pax Machina

by Greg Sorber

Two hundred sentient mechs. 
Three human caretakers. 
The war was over, but their battle had just begun. Pax Machina is the first book of the exciting Mechhaven series. It’s the Transformers meets Braveheart. Fans of space opera, sci-fi adventure, and anime will love Pax Machina. Get it today and let the adventures begin!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


East of the Sun

by A.E. Becker

A curse from long ago. An ancient lineage of kings. And three teenagers who are about to find out that fairy tales are more than just stories…

Saedis and Sola grew up in the shadow of the White Mountain, surrounded by stories of magical animals and wicked trolls. Saedis never once thought they were real—until a beast out of legend took her younger sister…

Ash wants nothing more than to be a storyteller, living a life of adventure like the heroes in his tales. Unfortunately, what he’s got are no prospects, a bad reputation, and no direction. Until he meets a girl who tells him the stories are real…

Now Sola is trapped in a magical world outside of their own, entangled in an ancient curse that seems to have lain in wait just for her. Can Saedis, Sola, and Ash find each other before the bright lands claim their freedom–or their lives?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Dragon Assassin 1: Twin Fury

by Arthur Slade

She’s an assassin. He’s a snarky dragon. First, she needs to graduate. Then she needs his help to take on the whole empire. That is, if he doesn’t kill her first.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Dragon Assassin 2: Royal Blood

by Arthur Slade

Carmen is the only assassin allowed to ride a dragon. But her promise to help this snarky, snarling creature takes her to the land of dragons itself, and she discovers there are enemies more powerful and deadly than any she’s ever imagined.

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Time Is Irreverent

by Marty Essen

An irreverent, liberal, twisty, time travel comedy!

What if you could change history to eliminate slavery, World War II, the Spanish Inquisition, global warming, and an egomaniacal nuclear-bomb-dropping US president? What if that change also made 5 billion people poof from existence? Would you do it? Time Is Irreverent explores those questions, as benevolent aliens send Marty Mann to AD 31 to correct an error in history.

Spanning from the Cretaceous period to 2056, Time is Irreverent is a hilarious, thought-provoking satire, with unpredictable twists, colorful aliens, huge dinosaurs, a smokin’ hot lesbian from the future, and a cameo from Jesus Christ himself!

“Ironic, original, hysterically funny, deftly crafted, and an impressively entertaining read from first page to last”—Midwest Book Review

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


The Brangus Rebellion

by R.R. Corvi

The Brangus Rebellion: political crime in a plausible future. Sci-Fi for sure, but real. No space travel, no time travel, no aliens, no telepathy. Just the facts.

And the thrills.

2334. The North American Union knows climate catastrophe is historical fact, not speculation: rookie cop Lani Maxwell’s society is founded on attitudes and standards that suppress climate crime. So when she learns an expensive leather shop’s practices are decidedly sub-standard, she investigates. Too bad she learns so late that she is up against her supposedly noble society’s big guys. She will need more than attitude, to survive their violent reaction.

So she looks for more, in her own tragic and violent past. How deep must she dig, and will she find what she needs in time?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


The Other Magic

by Derrick Smythe

Kibure’s inexplicable use of power places him in grave danger. But the rogue priestess hired to strip him of his power chooses instead to help him escape. Now something worse than death awaits if they are unable to evade the Empire’s most potent wielders.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic