Cursed Wolf

by Brogan Thomas

Shifter Forrest has been trapped in her wolf form for years… What will happen when she finally turns back? As Forrest relearns how to be human, she discovers her powerful magic—but her pack and the brutal council both intend to hunt her down…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Reincarnation of the Morrigan Complete Series Boxed Set

by Renée Jaggér

What’s a girl to do when she finds out she has a great destiny?

Reject it, of course.

The world is on its second pandemic in a decade and EMT Angelica Morgan is burned out.

An old boyfriend, and surprise her new boss, puts her on administrative leave. Believing tea and cookies are a good solution, Angelica heads to her grandmothers.

Can the world get weirder? Yes, yes it can.

What Angelica learns sends her careening down an entirely new path.

One she isn’t even sure she wants no matter how much she desires to help humanity.

Angelica realizes the advantages.

But will she live to make use of them?

Grab this 9-book complete series boxed set to join her on this urban fantasy adventure!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Mud and Water

by Cherie Haines

What can be harder than surviving a camping trip from Hell with an evil stepfamily? Fighting off giant monsters in a parallel world with a group of feral children.

Selene and her older brother find themselves trapped in place as stunning as it is dangerous, their road leading them into the dawn of a new life. Now, gazing up at two moons, sitting on the top branches of a giant tree, Selene wonders if they will ever find their way home, or if she would even want to go back. As she finds new friends and a stronger identity, can she shake the pain of the past?

Fate and legends collide as paths that were never meant to cross, become tangled.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


The Red Hourglass

by Ashley Capes

Escape isn’t the hardest challenge for a slave – it’s staying free afterwards.

Siblings Thomas and Mia find themselves fleeing across a desolate land, hounded by the monstrous sand-hog, a steam-powered war machine bent on recapturing them at all costs.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


Backyard Starship

by JN Chaney & Terry Maggert

2022 Dragon Award Nominee – on sale for 99¢!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with USA Today Bestselling Author J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert in this brand new science fiction series. If you’re a fan of found spaceships and galactic quests for glory, this might just be the story you’ve been waiting for.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Black Table

by Anttimatti Pennanen

This high rated indie book now for a discounted price for a limited time!

An unexpected death at Comic Con convention leads to an epic quest for friends Jon and Gus. But can two science fiction enthusiasts from Finland conquer alien enemies and save the universe?

The award-winning novel Black Table is the first book of a trilogy with a fresh approach to the genre. Peppered with pop culture references—from Star Wars to Star Trek, Marvel and DC and with a smattering of MacGyver—the series has a broad appeal to science- fiction fans of all stripes. The Black Table series is what every sci-fi fan wants—be a part of a fellowship, discover exciting new worlds, to be a hero, and to see themselves through the main characters, who are so easy to love and to identify with.

Check also the book #2, Unity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Anttimatti Pennanen

The Black Table series – Book #2, for the Award-winning novel, Black Table.

Go to Comic Con [check]
Find alien technology [check]
See the galaxy and make new friends [check]
Defeat the ancient evil and save the galaxy [check]

But who will save Jon and Gus?

After the blind jump, the crew of Unity find themselves lost in space with a broken Black Table, no map, and no allies. And if that’s not enough, they are being hunted by something lurking in the shadows.
With the Light as their guide and science fiction on their side, can Jon and Gus give us a fighting chance?


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The Ascendant Series Complete Omnibus: Books 1 – 4

by Kyra Gregory

The King is dead.

His enemies want his daughter’s crown.

What length is she willing to go to keep it?

The complete series. 4 addictive books. 1,500+ pages full of treachery, deceit, cunning plans and forbidden romance.

Princess Sybelle never expected she’d have to fight a war to claim her throne. But, when her father’s sudden death leaves the peaceful kingdom of Lionessa under her protection, the King of Evrad offers her a terrible choice: marry his son, or have her kingdom destroyed.

Within weeks, Sybelle’s inexperience is mocked by the nobles, her brother is caught up in a political game meant to terrorise her, and her stubborn refusal to marry the untrustworthy prince leaves her on the brink of war, abandoned, and utterly alone.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic